DT + SIN 2man Palace HM (video)

another 2man challange that you should try if u want some fun with good geared chars. Palace of yun rau HM with Sin + Dt.

DT with a shady but effective healthtap specc without any generalpoints.

Boss burned down to 89% to trigger hardmode -> healer brought to boss for nuke -> SIN using lotus overload + dull pain + avatar + the dmg reduction from lethargy. Dt using hexmarked + bloodpact.


Awesome, keep doing more of these challanges!
Just one question: Does Lethargy really work on bosses? I often hear that it doesn’t work in PvE, only in PvP on other players.
And what about that one combo that you can put points in for even more damage reduction? (Atrophy)

-dmg mods work on the bosses that you can apply them to, so yes lethargy works

atrophy and conqs crushing onslaught weirdly works in t5 and t6 but nothing anything before that, making it very very powerful in those raids

just keep in mind the difference between “-damage multiplier” and “-magic damage modifier”

Really nice video and great to see you play your sin Mori.

One other place that I know that Athropy applies on bosses is in Scorpion Cave unchained for some weird reason. All 4 bosses there. And Demigod in Carvan.