Dual Wield one handed Axe / Throw Axe


I really like the drumstick and I have a real berserker feeling with another one.
if this thread were worked out it would be even more horrible :slight_smile: there is only one missing two-handed clay missing.

Of course I also look forward to the Spells, I do not know when they will be unlocked, but if it is so enjoyable and spectacular it will be worth waiting for it.



I totally agree. Dual wield was my favorite malee in AOC. Wish they would implement it in CE.


dual wield would be great, but that would like adding totally new weapons… You could compare it to daggers, but i can imagine players would like to have some weapon mix (mace+axe or what ever). but i would be totally fine with dagger like style. Anyway… this is very far future and very big “what if…”. Community is very demanding and i think we are expecting little bit too much from developers even for any future after release patches…


I wouldn’t mind if there were dual wielded hatchets (like tomahawks) that functions like daggers. It could be a variant of daggers for a certain tier.


Dual wield might not be for me, for now, I’ll stay at HeberHatchets and practice more. The fun we get there is compared to no other sports activity.