Dual wielding overhaul also needs torch overhaul

I see the game is getting a dual wielding overhaul in the upcoming update with the pet system. It would be nice to include the ability to also haul a thrall on a chain in one hand and hold a torch in the other. I have fell off too many cliffs thralling at night because my character is too retarded to know how to carry a torch in my right hand.
Also with torches, I know that it is not immersive to carry a fiery torch underwater because the fire would go out, but while I can carry a pick underwater I can’t carry a glow stick. Just a couple of things I would love to see implemented in a game I really love. Thanks

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Glow stick underwater I believe is being or is already added to testlive.

Edit: Ah sorry, testlive notes show only the surface of the water, but not underneath. There is a mod for this though now if it helps

More Tools - By Accident

Glowstick works underwatertoo
on testlive, checked yesterday.

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