Duel system - Victory points

Hello there, i was thinking about how to improve duel comunity…

This is the idea, give victory points for ppl who duel, u get VP even if u lose.

Something like this:

VICTORY: VP = duel points x10 (i.e. 95 duel points x10 = 950 victory points)
LOSE: VP = duel points winner take x3 (i.e. winner take 95 duel points x3 = 285 victory points for the looser)

Since points for each duel decay with each win, that prevent ppl farm it (at least they need 4h cooldown) and force ppl duel different oponents.

How do u feel about it?

Also can be implemented in solo kills maybe?

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I dont do PvP, but im all for people having more avenues to find fun.

This idea in particular sound very open to being abused though.

i mean… in Terms of Victory Point farming, there cannot be more abuse than currently happening on Battlestations. So i am personally not interested in Duels but i think the Idea is a good one to make the game better.

I think it’s a fantastic idea, just don’t give too many points and have a longer cooldown to prevent too much abuse.

While we at it, please don’t shut off battlestations because a team is empty. If the other team is capping, let them finish and have their stuff done…