Dungeon Bosses Should Drop Legendary Repair Kits

Currently there is little use to re-running most of the dungeons. You can farm Abyssal Meat in Dregs, though the decay timer now works correctly. Maybe you need a Heart of the Kinscourge for equipping all your thralls with Telith’s Sorrow. You used to be able to harvest a significant amount of Demon’s Blood from the Barrow King, but either my RNG is bad or it’s been nerfed.

A simple idea came to me today to encourage players to repeat this content - add Legendary repair kits to boss loot tables. I admit that these should still be rare and all bosses are fairly easy to beat if you are specc’ed correctly, so maybe the drop rate is low, like 1-5%. Whatever Oscar and Joel feel is an acceptable quantity of these kits to add to the server economy.

I admit I haven’t played with the new Purge changes on Testlive yet, but it seems like having a reliable way to get these, even with a low percentage drop rate, would make some players feel more comfortable using their favorite Legendaries.

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Since t Halloween follies where we netted 120 Legendary kits, we have yet to get any crafter named in any purge.

Sure glad we have plagues to hang them dead weapons on.

IMO the Dregs is low level and both the Dregs and the Volcano bosses and needed for a journey achivement, so I wouldnt say to have them drop them there as they would be dead almost 24/7 preventing people from getting the journeys. I like the idea of the Kinscourge & barrow king dropping them at say 1-2% (Barrow king) and say 5-10% (Kinscourge)

I know they are testing some changes to the drop tables of thralls across the whole map, and IMO a nice addition would be for named crafter thralls (armourer & blacksmiths) have say a 10% chance to drop ONE, and only one when killed. This would mean you have to choose between getting anamed crafter or killing for a small chance at a legendary repair kit.

One of my clan mates suggested only adding them to Well of Skellos to encourage people to actually run the dungeon. With the addition of the Starmetal Pickaxe, there isn’t much use for obsidian tools and dragon bone weapons are easier to acquire. It really is a neat dungeon, so maybe he’s on to something.

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