Dungeon Design can be improved

Having run all the dungeons, I have to say:
The very first one - Abyss / The Dregs (with the Abysmal Remnant) was the best designed one.

I was expecting more of that in the later dungeons, and was quite disappointed.

The black keep was very promising, with hints warning of traps etc. - but there were no traps, no nothing. The floor looked like pressure plates - no, nothing.
The walls look like fire or something could shoot out - nope, just like any wall.
The second entrance doesn’t help anything too.

The pressure plates and the changing water in the Abyss was really nice in comparison, not so static.

So my suggestion is:
Make new dungeons, like the one you are working on at the moment, more interactive.
Readables, Levers, dangerous environment, traps, something to find and explore and guess together.
Not just getting through and stumbling into the boss monster.

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