Dungeon Guides: Elite 5+



I personally would rather stun it than mitigate it, but it’s nice to know mitigating it is a possibility. It makes sense that a leech wouldn’t get anything off of Thick Skin unless it was such a big hit it took the entire shield.


Thick Skin’s kinda ridiculous mitigation just in general, I’ve survived the bomb adds in Pol 5 with it (which normally do 70k, through my ~20k protection)


As I personally find them immensely helpful when making decisions mid fight, I’ve provided some HP percent thresholds where I’m familiar with them.


  • Haugbui Mother explodes at 50% HP.
  • Ur-Draug rocks explode at 5% HP.

Hell Raised

  • Recursia, Many-In-One casts Infernal Criticality at 75%, 50%, and 25% HP.
  • Machine Tyrant shield stops refreshing at 10% HP.

The Darkness War

  • Weyab-Xul, The Hound of the Nameless Days leaves Phase 1 at 80% HP.

The Ankh

  • Doctor Klein “dies” at 25% HP.
  • Melothat and Klein Melothat takes a knee at 75%, 50%, and 25% HP.
  • Melothat and Klein Melothat, if damaged too much, stands back up at 60%, 35%, and 10% HP.
  • Melothat and Klein Klein will go to the top at 20% HP.
  • Melothat and Klein Not and HP threshold, but the filth covering the left side will bug if it is still in the process of appearing when Melothat takes a knee.

Hell Eternal

  • Lustrehunter Falls back at 85%, 75%, 65%, 55%, 45%, 35%, 25%, and 15% HP
  • Flagellatrix Superior summons Hell Soldiers at 75% and 25% HP.
  • Flagellatrix Superior shields at 50% HP.
  • Flagellatrix Superior caps at 40% HP before the shield.
  • Eblis, Dominus Inferni In Profundis begins Final Thunderdome at 25% HP.

Reticle HUD: A combat UI overhaul

Yep, evulsion works that way about 5 sec. After boss go to get some fun with your dps/healer, reaggro by agitator doesn’t works in that case.


Really nice guides =) but have a comment to the HR Traumadriver fight.

You mention two entry timings (“right behind the Traumadriver” and “starting their return trip” is not the same in my book). The first one is a little early imo for an entry, and the 2nd one holds true in E1-4 but not in E5+. I move towards the boss when the purple circles overlap the boss (going towards the entrance), and preferably a little bit later in fact. The longer you wait the sooner the purple will circle around the team. Sooner means more space, but if too soon, it might circle twice. When i say “move towards” this means the purple circles will be half way between the boss and the entrance,by the time the boss gets aggroed.


There are 2 touching the boss from the left side, I try to enter the arena when the one closer to the entrance is most of the way through its cast progress.

If the group is strong enough it won’t come down to the wire then you are fine going a little after that to make switching sides halfway through the fight easier. If you wait too long, then they’ll reach the back end of the arena a 2nd time before the flames do, which shortens the fight.


blue phase burning ur-draug is actually doable; the team needs a blood healer (could be offhand and/or hybrid as long as barriers are powerful enough to eat most of the circle damage and grants a surviving dps) which ussually happens fast enough for any cooldown to be up again, the highest the dungeon level, the stronger/more anima allocation the healer must be


That was a lack of clarity on my part I think. The time I mean is when the purple circles are headed toward the entrance (return trip), just as the circle behind Traumadriver is casting (or the one on him is). I am sure there is a slightly better timing for it, but it’s around there somewhere.


Is there a reason to do that? It’s good to know it’s possible with a strong blood healer, though I wonder if the DPS done while Ur-Draug takes much less damage is worth it?


it speeds the fight for sure, besides the damage reduction, the blue phase is long, so youre doing a bit of damage instead of no damage; that being said, i dont care for the speed killing, is just something some tanks ask for, i dont mind spending one more minute in polaris, but always is funny seeing people fly away on a hit