Dungeon in King's Niche

Did they open up a dungeon in king’s niche? I don’t remember this being here a few weeks ago.

Nothing on the wiki or on here that I can find. I’m only level 30 on this server so I don’t want to go in there alone…

Right now there isnt a dungeon. But it would be consequent that this will be an entrance to an upcoming dungeon.

Klael’s Stronghold has the same style entrance. Lets hope both these areas and allot more get some badass dungeons to explore! I know it’s coming, the question is when. Much excitement!!!:metal::smiling_imp:


I’ve only been up there a couple times, and I don’t remember that lit up room being back there. I could swear the back of the big entrance way was closed off like in Klael’s Stronghold, the back of the entrance to the dregs, and a few other similar spots.

Nothing in there besides a few braziers tho.

Mr. Crom sir, I would just like to say yet again MUCH EXCITEMENT!!! We could be wrong but only time will tell…

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Well they have said they are working on more dungeons. Klael’s Stronghold certainly looks like a door to one.

This being open already, I suspect it’s more for another npc to talk to. Maybe the eventual sorcery teacher? Or possibly someone related to the new mysterious power stones or whatever they’re called that they mentioned on last week’s stream.

Well, that would kick so much a$$ it’s insane! I was also conspiring as to the possibility that all those areas that share those types of doors as in King’s Niche, Lakewatch and Lakewatch Keep are all interlinked like that massive dwemer ruin in skyrim, blackreach (Klael’s seems a bit far). Ooooh, the possibilities are driving me crazy! :rofl:

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I like some of these empty places because it makes me feel like an apocalypse happened and the things built well into ruins are still sterilely functioning. Every PVP Official I join, I go here and either sit or kneel (depending on emote status) for 10 real minutes and meditate. If I’m not killed, it alters the way I behave on the server permanently.

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