Dungeon: The Well of Skelos

The fight works again but as you can see on the screenshot, Skelos is sitting next to his throne. I tested it 2 times.

The fight is also far too easy. Is it possible that Skelos himself will fight us again and not die after the barrier has fallen?

Doesn’t sit on his throne.


Hey @Bevalier

Thanks for the provided feedback. It’s been sent to the team so they can look into it.


Just tested, has not yet been fixed.

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Afaik, it’s intended. I’ve not been playing for a very long time though, only 18 months. Maybe he was fighting before that time, but i’ve never seen that.

I can’t remember him ever fighting? Did he?

Most of time you put on snadstorm mask, thru gas orbs or poison arrows to kill shadow waves…
He gave his speech and fell over dead. XD

I wish most boss fights had more details than spamming attacks.
This one had a very nice intro, but then the big bad guy just died of dysentery or something. Disapointing.
I also loved the witchqueen fight scenario, fighting her while avoiding enviromental hazzards was cool, i wish she was more witchy though.
The dregs were kinda cool, but gets repeptitive very quickly and there is little reason to go there.
The kinscourge has cool mechanics and attacks but the fight is slow and boring.

Some other boss fights like Hrungnir, the barrow king, any dragon, and most world bosses, were just annoying to say the least. but it feels good to kill them the first time, until you realize how easy it is lol.

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Best reason to go there is Abysmal flesh. +14% STR chance food for most cat pets.

Months this has been broken, its ruins that dungeon and makes it a waste of time as most of the time he dies under the mesh and you can not even loot him. It has also been reported like so many times its just plain sad but then again the Dregs is broken every other patch, the Witch queen guards are broken most of the time at least one of them and if she come down to fight well that is a wonder of all surprises.

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