Dungeon timetrial leaderboard



Time to use your freakin t6 chars with fully decked RF rings for something challanging, this is a leaderboard to see who did the timetrial dungeons fastest, get together with some tryhards and fill the list :muscle::love_you_gesture:


  • Class-stacking not allowed except for tanks.
  • Manual timestamp in the chat (F9-button) and screenshot that along with the dungeon-timer from the chat
  • Kills you made in the past doesnt count, starts from now.
  • For now only instancetimers count, copice and abyss only has bosstimer so those are included anyway.
  • All listed dungeons have built in time-trial, you start it by walking far enough to get a window where u accept or decline the timer to start. When you press accept the timer will start so go as fast as you can, when u are done with the last boss, the timer will pop up in the chat.



Slithering Chaos

Sepulcher of the Wyrm

Coils of Ubah Khan


Ardashir fort


Vile nativity

Atzels fortress


Iron Tower



Coppice of the heart

Pillars of Heaven

Den of Crowmen


Jade dugout

Enigmata of Yag

Celestial Necropolis

Ai district

Tian’an District

Caravan raider hideout


Chaos and wyrm record set :love_you_gesture:


Nice Idea with this Leaderboard Mori :slight_smile:

And grats on some awesome timers.

btw. The usual little group of people That I do 6 man’s with will probably keep doing master timers to see if we can improve our results. But we are way to slacky to be racing for real i think. But we will put up some timers and screenshots in the future if we got something good to share :smiley:


Good stuff, good luck with the runs and hope to see some screenshots put up!


Updated with Caravan hideout and Necropolis.


Necropolis got wrong timer on it, it’s supposed to be 5:42 and not 6:22 :smile: