Dungeon timetrial Top 3 leaderboard



Changed the system to pictures for less of a confusing mess :slight_smile: still ugly but atleast clearer.


Necropolis Master 5:23 :slight_smile:


Honeypomm, what hat are you wearing? :slight_smile:


Its from the Outcast Mage’s set, from social vendor (gilding tokens) :smiley:


New timer for Celestrial Necropolis: 3.53

Honeypomm (PoM), Katzz (DT), Sikring (ToS), Thomaran (Barb), Solarbonite (Necro), Xerzex (Sin)


I see you managed to down it it one phase, makes a huge diffrence :smiley: good job. I hope we can get going soon, we’ve had some travelers lately so no go :frowning:


Celestial Necropolis 03:53

Abyss 04:11

Katzz(dt) Honey(pom) Sikring(tos) Solarbonite(necro) Thomaran(barb) Xerzex(sin)


Celestial Necropolis 03:43

Fijndahl, Mori, Fireblow, Aecho, Cappa, Shinken


FU ALL!!! I’m uninstalling!

Nah. Grats on a super Mastah timer! :smiley:


Coppice 04:41
Aecho, Moriala, Shinken, Fijindahl, Cappa, Fireblow

Abyss 03:42
Aecho, Moriala, Shinken, Fijindahl, Cappa, Fireblow


Thanks so much Pommy!



Mori, what is that hat Morinec is wearing?


Its the rice-farmer hat that drops from the bat boss in pillars of heaven


Thanks Mori :slight_smile:



Honey, Katzz, Sikring, Nocebo, Thom, Xerzex (bs in group in sceenshot cuz of box)


You’re both groups really great, gz Honey and Moriala :slight_smile: I hope to see an Uba Khan trial too, even cause I know that dungeon only in part and these videos can be instructive.


Hey! we love doing Coils. you have to join us for that :slight_smile:

Thom here btw. Marc forced me to choose Barrywight as a forum name :smiley:

ps. Marc has been in love with my necro Barry since he was born on the pve saga server :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey there, Thom :slight_smile: If not a time trial, I would join gladly for Coils. I know only the first boss (all 3 encounters) and I would like to learn the rest of the dungeon. Gz again for your time achievments.


Pinned thead. :grinning: