Dungeon timetrial Top 3 leaderboard



think you are right about that, most fun one to do too


Very nice timer’s.


Uploading for Nitrogen, added timer for coils.


Didn’t knew we did a time-trial. We looted all boxes and some looted questitems, and had ppl on alts and ppl who havent done it more than once I think, haha.
So this should be easy to beat, as I think we also wiped once on the dicso-boss.


I dont think i ever organized a proper tryhard coils-timer, cos a normal casual run usually ends up master ^^. wp and nice to fill some gaps on the list.


:2nd_place_medal: uploading again for nitrogen since hes a forumpleb. updated leaderboard for dragonspine.


Any reason why this is no longer pinned? I mean why unpin it shortly after it’s linked in the game launcher?


potatoquality untill it processed by YT

First timer for AI district, abit tricky now since u have to die when jumping from first boss down to second :slight_smile:


So… why did you unpin the thread now?

pinned globally #74


Not sure what happened.


oh well, mistakes happens :slight_smile:


Alright, we have started a bit again with the timers. Just putting this up thereas it was one very important second faster. :slight_smile: Room for improvement also and me not messing up stuff.

4.40: Sikring (ToS), Honey (Pom), Katzz (DT), Kingkonge (Necro), Thomaran (Barb), Xerzex (Sin)


yes! 1 second. We cheese it again! :smile:


We are like Sergei Bubka. Raising the bar minimal each time. 4.39 is what we wanna see now so dont go ham and do like 4.08 or something now. :slight_smile:

Yag though was a little bit improvement (but we were VERY lucky with the spawn points):

7.10: Sikring (ToS), Honey (Pom), Katzz (DT), Kingkonge (Necro), Thomaran (Barb), Xerzex (Sin)


Damn you ,i m on my aoc vacation !Now Mori will be dragging me back to do coppice ffs_qq.I hate you Maark <3


Haha, yay! That was mission acclompished.

And you will be dragged to Yag as well :smiley:


Xiba - 09:42
Sikring(tos), King(necro), Katzz(dt), Haikano(demo), Thom(barb), Honey(pom)

and for Yag:)


Good job guys, well needed incentive to log back in from ESO. Will update later!


Karakorum, Northern Grasslands and Aqualonian leaderboard updated :ok_hand::clinking_glasses: