Dungeon timetrial Top 3 leaderboard



Room for improvement! Pirate tanking is difficult :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, a little improvement om Wyrm 7.03.

Anyway: Katzz (DT), Siramy (ToS), Nyseh (Necro), Honeypomm (PoM), Thomaran (Barb), Haikano (Demo).


This looks nice. The Northen Grasslands and Aqualonian leadboards are fiiiiireeee :fire:


Dragonspine timer updated, good job guys! :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::ok_hand:


6m27s Wyrm, some room for improvement with the puzzles (wtf happened at 3 minutes, i wasnt even close to the pad) but other then that pretty pleased


Wat??? Eh, I need a drink…



I dont think its that hard to beat, it gets easier when you know what to aim for ^^


Xiba 9m35s

Coppice 4m21s


Well well. Grats on the awesome timers again! :slight_smile:

ps. You know, you guys need us… Someone has to keep pushing you to the limit! :sunglasses:


Its periodic, just have to get some star aligning and u will surely take it back. Competing against someone in dungeons, even if it is for fun, is the most fun content ive had in the game tbh :smiley: Would be fun if others picked it up aswell, I know Subbii and his gang collected master of the trials before, and some guys from destiny.


Yeah! It’s time for them to step up! :smiley:

I wonder… Can Wyrm be done in 5 mins without class stacking? I think that might be impossible but who knows? :slight_smile:


Jade dugout 4m17s - Finally a kill in dugout that doesnt feel like a disapointment cos u know so much u could have done better haha.

regarding wyrm i think 6 minutes is the spot where we would have our limit, we could scratch some time off the puzzles and sharpen the dps abit, mby go 11 pet necro, but yeah cant find any fundamental improvement factors.


We did them all, some time ago, but it seems that nobody is interested anymore… :sob:


Make them dust off their old t6chars and make use of em!


I’ll give it a try, but it’s easier said than done… :roll_eyes:


I have been trying some master timers with guildies recently, for achievement mainly, but if we get some interesting numbers, I will post them for sure :slight_smile:


definitely, cant demand too much of people testing it out, so post whatever number u get and claim those 3rd spots :smiley:


Yeah unfortunately that group we had has long sailed into the sunset and sunk lol


gather the troops halfdead, and fill empty slots with other guildies! we need more NA presence here :smiley:


Vile nativity 22:36