Dungeon Unchained

Dear Funcom (@AndyB), after a declaration of new content thrown by accident and then made to dissolve in a cloud of sulfur, is clear that we will not see this new content. Let’s put a stone on it. Now it’s approaching Halloween, I think it’s a good time to awaken the dead. Why don’t we start again from the last promise fallen into oblivion? The revamp of all the old dungeons (Black Castle, Sanctum of Burning Souls, Cradle od Decay, Toirdelbach, Onyx and Atzel Fortress) in Unchained version? It’s possible? It will be done?

I don’t understand. You admit we won’t get to see the new content but you ask for different new content ?

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Unchained is not NEW content, is recycled old content in similar way they did SAGA. They have not to create new dungeon, new mobs, new tactic etc.

It’s recycled but it still requires development. It’s just new content that requires less work to make.

It requires a little bit more than you think it seems like. Agree with what IceCreamMan is saying.

well, it only req to apply new mechanics mostly(like they did with t5/other uc), but i don`t think funcom can do even that

“only”, you make it sound so simple. It still requires a full development cycle except for potentially creating the assets.


Alright, I dont follow your logic. But according to what you say the blood defiler in Sanctum is the same boss fight as Ahazu-Zagam in wing2? Leviathus in w2 is the same boss fight as the annihilator in enigmata of yag? They are using the same model so they can’t be considered new content, right?

No, recycled old content is still new content because the way you interact or fight the encounter is different, it is not the same. Is t1 raid same as t5? No, it’s not even remotely close to it. It’s 100% different with the only common thing being the assets used. Recycled content still requires a full development cycle, you save a little bit of time but not that much by not having to create all the graphical assets.

New content is anything that provides a different experience. I agree with Saga of Zath being old content but Saga of Blood can be seen as new content because it opened up the possibility to level strictly from pvping, and it also provided the gameplay of lowbie pvp which majority of the current playerbase has never experienced.


thats true

Nope. But what i say and saw, Acheron Warlord UC is same Warlord NM. Except for level they are the same fight, run back statue, remove heal with sand etc and so for rest of dungeon.
Also AoK UC is identical to AoK NM but you need SF for remove any effect

I guess that’s true, and there is a reason for it. Here lets talk history. When they implemented unchained dungeons they did not only make new mechanics for the unchained version (like they did with T5) but they compeltly revamped the normal dungeon encounters.

Caravan raiders, Scorpion Cave, AoK and Hoef all got an overhaul when unchained was implemented. Now this is quite a long time ago so I can’t remember the exact details pre-unchained but as an example, AoK had one of their bosses replaced. Most of the mechanics was replaced but the core vision of the encounter remained somewhat similar.

As an example, the devourer pre-unchained had the same concept, down the boss to xx%, break the chain, kill some adds but the mechanic was different. The boss had to be downed to 25% then break the chain and the adds would spawn while breaking the chain, repeat.

The now second boss in AoK used to be a completly different fight as seen in the video below

Here you can see the old caravan raider’s which basically were tank and spank fights, today they’re not, neither in normal or unchained mode.

Now, why was the normal version of the fights also changed? Same way how the normal mode and hard mode version of the existing bosses in khtai etc are very similar. For “progression”. Now if you want an unchained mode similar to T5 it still requires a full development cycle of brand new encounters. It’s not just “let’s make this buff 10 times as strong but can be removed with xx perk”, no one wants that.

I’d love to see more unchained dungeons but they are not as simple to create as you might think. They require less development time compared to something brand-new but it is not a “lets increase the health/damage value of Sanctum” and call it Strawmen dungeon unchained because the fights are literally strawmen except they might do some damge.

What range is the dungeon for power wise, fresh 80, t3 gear or t4 gear characters?
What are the rewards? Power items or vanity? If there is no long term goal with the dungeon, why bother investing 1-2 months on a dungeon that will be played once?


thank you for taking the time to do this long explanation. Now everything is clear

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