Dungeon won't let you go back to body

meh…sure. I beat her during the old school days and was like 'That’s it? No legendary? No actual piece of champion armor? Yeah no thanks. Not worth my time. ’ There are far better things I need to do in PVP or far more entertaining things to do in PVE.


The Champion of the Warmaker drops 10-15, plus 1-2 from four chests comes to 14-23. However, the boss respawns in 15 minutes, while the chests respawn in 30, so if you do another cycle right away, the second cycle is only worth the 10-15.

The Arena Champion drops 5-8.

Yeah, id only do it once a day since my costs are low- only 2 people to equip for.

I farm the three minibosses in Warmaker’s dungeon a lot more than I actually complete the dungeon. In addition to the legendaries they drop, they’re an easy source of demon blood. So I always craft multiple keys. Keeping spare keys (as well as spare weapons and armor) in storage near your spawn point is, well, key to getting quickly back if something bad happens. Luckily, entrance to the dungeon is conveniently close to an obelisk, so as long as you have a map room near your spawn point, getting back to the dungeon is quick.

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Welcome to the agony of being exile my friend! If I had a dime for every time I said I quit in this game, maybe I would have enough money to buy a ps5 :joy:.
I believe that almost everyone above that posted in this topic have lost gear or temper with our beautiful boss Arena Champion! Yes it is agony! Frustration! Still you did a really strong memory in this game, something that you remember always! If you don’t have the circle of power, or you lost temper, just enough not to think straight what to do, frustration is certain and your complaints valid! But I guarantee you that this ain’t going to be the last time this will happen, it’s a guarantee!
About this dungeon make sure…
You have a second key in a chest on your house
You have the obelisk attuned
You have a map room
You have a light gear, a torch and a weapon ready in a chest with the key, plus some potions!
Same goes with the black keep and the Barrow king, a demon blood and the ancient key.
All these was before the circle of power! But still it ain’t bad to have this chest ready.
Always choose to spawn to your bed as long as you have a map room in your house, or close to it.
Sorry my friend and welcome to the forum.
Last but not least, you didn’t loose, you win! Knowledge in this game comes with loss, we all lost here, it’s part of the game :wink:

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