Dungeons underpowered!


Yes, to all that :sunglasses:


Dungeons should be adapt to the given number of players. (and ofc needs some bugfixing like the dregs one…)
BUT If you stuff them with more enemies single players cannot play.
Small clans cannot play. (or if they can that’s more of a chore than fun… (like wordbosses nothign hard in them but the buletsponge-ness makes that thing rather annoying than enjoyable)

But if these things would be adaptable. And use a multiplier on the number of players in them (like number of enemies in dungeons, and healtpool of the worldbosses) would make a balanced approach for each case.


I do agree on the general message of your post, but…
As for dregs, exploiting like shooting without getting hit oneself is a bad thing. This should be fixed, but there are more serious problems.

If that was locking a bonus room with something interesting (which is the real issue, having no reason to play the dungeons multiple times, aside of helping/showing others), I would agree.
But as we must craft the potion in a cauldron, its a bad idea to lock it that way.
I would totally love a dungeon below watersurface though!

I agree on oneshotting, but I think it would be okay if first lasers would happen the same way, but the second set of lasers should only leave 1 place to not getting hit. Also the lasers might need to become thicker.
I dont know wether the invincible thingy would be possible, but if they would add this, they would need to place a stone giving us a hint at that. But actually… It would make them become the same like those keykeeping “bosses”. It would take long to kill, but not become more fun - rather the opposite.
I would prefer seeing the witchy being reworked.

I think Funcom wants any combination of armor and weapons to work out for the players. So having the skeletons hit harder might not be the best idea. Though I do agree on having to adapt to things, leaving them to hit three times harder.
As for the boss, he is only a lil slow. Both animations and movement.
I think he would become incredibly hard if changed to become too fast…
When I once did him during testlive, he was using his cone a lot which hit me every single time. That was a lil much. (Due to a bug though. He didnt stop for casting, rather he followed one until the hit landed. Thus the only way to avoid getting hit by that would be perfect timing and a dodge.)

Some people actually die in there. So for some it might already be difficult. I agree - the volcano is astonishing at first sight!
Please no more dangerous jumps. Instead dead ends maybe? I would totally love some kind of garden, growing gold lotus in a bigger number, being guarded by a few harder enemies.
I do agree on the boss being too weak.
Maybe each time we kill one of those ghosts we should get poisoned or corrupted?
And the boss himself… Please make us properly kill him.
The effects of those ghosts look neat though!

And to add a suggestion:
Please let us use the different unique boss materials to craft strong warpaints. (+5? Or two stats +3) All being black warpaints, to show how superior they are. Also consumable ones, but adding more stats. That way killing those bosses several times becomes more interesting.


This is not a massive multiplayer, it’s a PvP game, the labyrinths are an adventure, not to fall for tactics.


i do agree with your comments nuria and with most of your suggestions alex but nuria what do you mean by this: “Though I do agree on having to adapt to things, leaving them to hit three times harder” please?
Do you mean skelettons in the black keep should hit 3 times harder?


I am torn between two things:
One part of me crying out because I prefer to wear light armor, which would be rendered impossible to wear in said dungeon if those skeletons get scaled up.
On the other side, it’s good when a game forces a player to adapt, so I guess it would be okay for the skeletons to deal three times of their current damage.
(It would probably kill any light-armor-wearing guy, rendering only heavy armor builds viable in that certain dungeon. As the difference of how much damage a player can take when wearing light or heavy is this big, I can see how it’s underwhelming for those who already wear heavy armor…)

Maybe I overexaggerated there, double of the damage might already be sufficient to render those skeletons to possibly deadly. (As there are 1-2 places where one pulls multiple of them… Taking 3-4 hits almost kills me. I am wearing light armor.)


Maybe not a damage boost but a armor penetration boost to the skeels. Also in the process making it a little slower to value and easier dodging .


ok thanks for the reply.

3 times the damage would indeed mean almost a 1 shot to light armor users as you precisely noticed, and as a light armor user, i’m not ok with that because mistake can happen, right? especially when fighting 3 of these guys in narrow corridors and i’m not even talking if the lag joins the frey :smiley: which didn’t happen to me personnally but to other players i played with.
In my opinion skeletties are fine the way they are, yes they have patterns like every single ennemy in videos games (some have RNG involved that’s it) but as i said mistake happen sometimes so it’s fine with the damage they currently deal.
The black keep overall is okish for me, the only pb i have with it is the lack of puzzles and the “slowness” of the boss, it’s true fighting skeletons can become tidious at some point though…so some variety in that regard would be welcome indeed.

I’m more having ussues about dungeons like the witch queen which feel unfinished and it’s laughable that she can be stuned by combos…but i really appreciated the mechanic with laser beams
Someone said that the dungeon is underwhelming if i recall correctly, me on the contrary felt like you have to kill so many apes when you’re trying to find your way to the heart of the dugeon that it becomes quickly boring and repetitive at some point, i admit though i’m pretty bad with orientation so i got lost seveeral times there :sweat_smile: and was really tired of decimating apes over and over again to find a way in.

the vocano, well i totally agree that’s it’s a piece of cake, only the place before the forge is to be approached carefully and what is the worst imo is the boss that you don’t even have to measure your strengh against.
And as you said i liked the look of the shades but they are no fun to fight, it’s just a hack 'n slash fest in order to not be overwhelmed by the numbers, or at least it was the feeling i had during this battle.
Again same as nuria, please no more jumps over the lava, the game has already enough trouble with collision and you pay the high price for it in the volcano when the game has decided to trick you.
the volcano is by far the place i died the most, and not because of dangerous ennemies, no, because of the lava and the difference between what your eyes see and how it is actually in the game…

The dregs dungeon feels empty imo (lore wise and combat wise).
The boss was not that bad actually if you considered it’s designed for midgame characters, personnally i wanted to take him in melee and not cheese it with arrows from safety so i was waiting for an opening to see if it would jump or even move out of its pits and geez i had to wait a long time for it to happen !!! at the end it felt like an easy dungeon, but no wonder :smiley: , i went there at lvl 60 since i was not very interested in this dugeon anyway.
But i have to say this beast hits pretty hard for a midgame char boss… (was using a derketho outfit though :D…usually i run in zammorian stuff)


I’m ok with that :smiley:


Hm. Hello Nuria’s brain, are you home?
No seriously. I just thought of damage, while you thought of the exact right thing to do. Good idea!

This is why I am torn. But the thing is that lots of people wear heavy armor and thus will get like 50% of the damage “we” light armored have to deal with; so black keep is too easy for heavily armored people. (Probably the reason why Alex02 said they could use a buff. But please not the same buff keykeeping “bosses” received… :eyes:)

Well I honestly feel the which queen herself is too weak. Just a plain oversized thrall. That made me cry a bit, but well…
Best thing would have been a set of attack patterns (like if she uses laser beams, becomes insanely fast, cannot be stunned or else - simply a few things which vary each time she is engaged) plus oneshot lasers with them not being as few as currently. Currently it feels like whichy is a lvl 1 boss. This is underwhelming.
I do agree on encountering too many enemies to be tedious though. I would prefer different and probably difficult mechanics and patterns over plain enemy number… (Thus those two giants were awesome!)

When I did that thing for the first time (like a few months after its release), I could easily provoke that. As I was mainly archer back then (and right until combat update hit) but didnt like to try and exploit him, I just took some ancient kopesh (best sword back then haha) and some random shield and just walked/ ran on the edge to the pool - that way it jumped out rather often. Youtube guides showed me that lil tactic. (And compared to exploiting via archery+10000 arrows or using something which is meant for defense… well…)


Ah ok, this is what you meant by “underwhelming”, now i understand why, thanks for clarifying nuria. cheers


I agree, we need bigger dungeons, more puzzels, harder bosses (with actual devastating mechanics) and hordes of enemies inside…


Yes that’s what I’m referring too. The dungeons are run thru to the end … virtually no stopping power at all. I joined a clan with everything under the sun and I refused to take any handouts decided wanted to enjoy the game. Not rush to endgame content… Conan is a solid game, unfortunately like Age of Conan Funcom rushed release which created it’s death spiral. You guys have all brought up great topics/ideas.


Well I have some ideas for base building that might help…

  1. List item: Let us place untamed animals that we’ve captured in our lairs…
  2. List item: Add trap elements that we can add to our lairs, such as hidden trap doors that enemies drop through, or that we can use to sneak around behind intruders, trap doorways that hit your enemies with spikes, a swinging pendulum trap that you can hang from the ceiling (You can probably see where I am going with this…)
  3. List item: Puzzle elements(Things like door keys that you can stash in loot-able chests.)
    4, List item: Being able to leave some chests unlocked in PvE and PvE-C.

Basically the idea is that maybe we should be able to construct and stock our own dungeons using the building system already mostly in place…


Great ideas…


tiny midgets i dont trust them