Duped priests and items....brimstone lakes and obelisks

Will their be a wipe on official 1945. I have personally seen someone who states they duped whole vaults full of arch priests and items. Is their anything that can be done about this duping issues.
It’s one thing to fix the problem and yes another to deal with their gains. As the rest of the server has to continue to try and deal with these people.
In conjuction to them duping items these same people have used say duped foundation hundreds of them. To pave over the brimstone lakes and totally block off obelisks from everyone else useing them.
Dev’s please help by making the brimstone lakes and other resource areas such as caves and the areas around obelisks unbuildable.

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1945 is the most ruthless server in all conan you might find it easier to just move to another server.

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