Duping Exploit Is Everywhere!

When is this duping exploit going to be addressed? Or is FunCom ignoring us?

I have been off and on playing Official Servers, and this duping exploit is literally everywhere I go. Every server I go too is plagued by this. I have made reports, tickets to support – with both screenshots and video evidence, you name it. No one answers me. No one gives me a straight answer. There are TONS of people doing this dupe, wiping peoples bases by spamming bombs and lightning in a matter of seconds!

It’s all because of the stupid construction hammer! Just disable the resources you get back on PvP servers for placeables and this would be OVER! Along with disabling the fact you can dupe vaults and jars by just making them craftable via the hammer so they aren’t a pick up item anymore until a fix can be made!

Official Servers need a wipe now… Because everyone can spam wells to gain T3 build mats in seconds. Or dupe thousands of explosive jars! Anything you can place down or make in a artisan bench, YOU CAN DUPE! Every big base I have seen on Official Servers are wiped, cleared, and there is always talk about a duping clan causing havoc on servers.

When is this going to be addressed? When is there going to be a patch or a hotfix?! Either turn off your Official PvP servers until this is resolved or just fix it, this is KILLING the game entirely for the small player base you guys had left. Most people are quitting because of storms and duping right now so good job!


They crushed the server my clan was playing yesterday by placing more than 2 thousand bombs all at once , it’s the 3 day they attempted it and the 1st day the managed to crash the server , they keep getting away with this causes no one cares man.


…or they are moving to unofficials which I suspect is the real end game; the removal of the need to pay server costs.

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And once there you hit the other part of the bugs. The ones that are not exploits related…And you have those players stop playing as well…
I am sorry to say but we are 1 month in and we had 1 patch. From my gaming experience…bugs that we are currently experimenting are fixed in a day 1/week 1 hotfixes.
We had a good influx of players with 3.0 and the free week. According to Steamcharts, since may 2018 we did not had so many playing Conan Exiles. But i think this is the negative for Funcom…With this wave of players, the expectancy of a functional game has increased also…unfortunately Funcom could not provide this and people just stop playing or rage quitting.

If Funcom does not wake up and come out with a plan on how they will fix this mess and keep their players. I am afraid that the entire Bazaar/Battlepass was for nothing…cause no one will be there anymore to use them. The game is falling apart from it’s every system/feature.

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Do you know the kamikaze sorcerer?

Naked, 1 x Arcane Staff, 1 x leather pouch, water, some gruel, 10 aloe potions.

Go to target and do the LS speel.
You can die, no problem.

Repeat :slight_smile:

we wiped them 3 times already they have a stormglass base in less than an hour up again

Greetings Everyone,

We are aware of this situation and currently looking into it.

Please make sure you report this to our team over on Zendesk.

You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Thank you for your patience and understanding.