Duping glitch with any placable please fix

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dang. I went ahead and sent them the vid link. Yea LS may be Meta but this is the stuff that sent me to PVE for a vacation. When raiding means literally leveling your entire structure to the ground and not worrying about farming, there isn’t a point to being on the server because there is no play…just blunt force trauma.

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How many times?

At this point I’ve got to wonder if they are doing it on purpose. A dupe bug! Again! Only on officials! How strange. Maybe we should go to non-officials tha…ah you almost had me.

This is literally the very reason my clan quit last time. I can’t believe we foolishly came back to try out sorcery and are met with the exact same BS…join the cheaters, grind fairly only to lose everything to cheats or quit. Have Funcom got some kind of update on this or will they bury their head in the sand and pretend its not happening for 2 months again. When will you guys get your S together?

And who are Funcom actually listening to? They have a ton of servers, much reduced with shutdowns, but still plenty, and they offer one size fits all server settings that please very few and have half of them empty or very low pop. You can see the clambering to even really poor non-official servers that offer reduced raid times but Funcom don’t seem to want to do things that would drive up server populations. Odd that.

They offer no sensible rationale why they don’t offer small clans, different raid times, shorter or longer raid times and a host of other options that would make officials viable for people with other commitments outside of a game; aside form the excuse that it’s to keep it manageable. That does not stand up to even the slightest scrutiny as a logical response. We all know how little is involved in tweaking server settings on empty servers, if you don’t have bandwidth for that no wonder this game is in such a mess.

I’ve seen some non-sensical arguments of how taking empty servers and offering different settings on them somehow is a financial risk? That is only true if Funcom’s long term strategy is to push people away from officials so they can close more and more of them (no Funcom, I have not been bugging your strategy meetings). Funcom are not charged more for making an official have a 3 man tribe cap instead of 10, lets stop the apologist silliness.

I can’t believe I came back to history repeating itself for the…how many times has this been an issue now? I’ve lost count. There is something compelling about the game but Funcom seem hellbent on undermining it at every turn. I flip between thinking it’s malicious to pure incompetence but, irrespective of the cause, the outcome is the same.

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Also, for the love of god will you fix your buggy climbing. It’s been like this for years, how are you continually failing to address it? Failing to ascend over the edge at the top of a climb and being rubber banding down on repeat, and letting go of the surface with full stamina for no reason (perhaps I put my hand in an invisible wasps nest) are both incredibly tedious.


please use the Zendesk Form for this kind of issue.