Durability Lines Missing on Action Bars

Hey, so my durability lines have suddenly vanished from my action bars. Previously there were lines to show the timers on items/durability remaining but now they’re gone. I had this issue on and off and they come and go - I am not sure if it is a keybind I am accidentally hitting or what. If someone knows how to bring them back that would be a huge help! It is getting annoying having to click my items to keep track of durability.

I don’t believe there’s a keybinding for this. Seems like a bug.
(I pressed every button on my keyboard to check.)

So I figured it out (embarrassing)

I play in windowed mode and so it seems that the window was clipping the lines from showing - i switched it over to fullscreen and now it properly fits

Oh! Haha. I’m glad you got it.
I recommend fullscreen windowed for any games that support it.