Durable Heavy Armor

Durable Heavy 2 Durable Heavy

I think something may be wrong with the Durable Heavy armor. it’s more expensive, has no thermal qualities, and has lower armor than the original. It is more durable, but for the cost, it should at least be equal to the original.


yeah, another thing that’s worse. its amusing the flavor text says it’s better in every way, but it’s actually worse in every way except durability


If the information in those screenshots is accurate and it’s not just the game failing to display the statistics properly, there’s more than “something” wrong there.

Durability is a big factor for me when choosing weapons and armor, so I can definitely appreciate a +50 % increase in durability in exchange of some loss in other stats - but significantly less armor, no heat or cold protection, no stat bonuses, and double the weight is just way too much. The weight alone is a dealbreaker for me - I need to be able to move and carry loot around, too.


Sadly it looks like all Eldarium armor(or atleast the Chieftain Armor) is the same, 59.54 kg, less armor, but atleast it gives stats

bumping this while also reminding people about this one: Conan "royal" armor bonus set /bug

It looks so bad, I wonder if the Delving bench is setting random attributes.

It isn’t, because it can’t.

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