Duration of Saga of Blood

Until when is Saga of Blood?

Is it after lvl 80 quest and then Reign of Blood quest and all done?

Or do we continue like previous saga?

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afraid it will die out very fast since the quest for 80 is only some arena kills I do believe?

shame there is no endgame quest for sieges and fields of slaugther (which are the ultimate open-world PvP modes)

but yeah, my guess is it will continue for a while like the last Saga.

PS. disable Slithering Chaos @Mussagana

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No, please don’t disable Chaos :frowning:

I see the point in a PvE perspective, but those rings are just too strong and will make it a chaos farmfest instead of PvP centered.

and it will put those who are unlucky to never get those rings at a major disadvantage. most instances before were totally ok because it was easy to farm them repeatedly and with decent droprates for the items, or you got the reward through a quest. besides, alternatives were there. here there won’t be.

I say this an avid PvE and PvP player, and I love to farm for gear to use in PvP, but this chaos ring is way too unreliable to attain as well overpowered =)

I guess they will merge with Fury as they said, some fight on fury then most of the players will move back to Crom where there is more PvP at all.