Duration on Crafter Thralls

I believe having a duration on these thralls say 30 days? Or having to fuel / feed them would allow for a better thrall economy as once you receive them, what is the point? This effect would begin the moment they finish taming on the thrall wheel.

Looking for feedback on the idea to improve it rather than posts of disapproval. If you dislike the idea simply vote no in the poll.

Is this a good idea?
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One thing that could considerably improve the idea would be inclusion of a check box (or similar) in settings so that the application could be optional (and possibly even a slider so that durations could be set to different lengths to suit different players/groups). That does leave the issue of the server needing to keep track of all of the individual timers - easier (probably) just to link it to the existing decay system - but then it doesn’t achieve what you’re aiming at (because it would only require regular logging in to reset). Seems like it could add strain on servers?

It definitely would create strain on servers. If it was say a durability like weapons, do you think it would be as intense of a strain? Perhaps crafters would count against thrall limit as well which in turn could prevent massive thrall armies of just warriors, archers and ect. I believe that could be a solution and lead to a more strategic thrall usage approach.

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