Duskfire Revenants {Closed March 2020}

Server Name: Duskfire Revenants
Public Server: Server is public so feel free to join and give it a chance before you commit.
Server Region: PST, GMT-8
PvE-C Weekdays | PvP Weekends
Limitations: No building south of Noob-River or anywhere in Volcano
Scheduled Restarts: Semi-Daily @ 0415 & 2000
Scheduled PvP: Saturday & Sunday @ 0600 - 2359

Are you tired of early-game defeat at the hands of malicious players? Constructing starter builds only to be destroyed by hungry raiders and losing all of your progress. Have you grown weary of spending large amounts of time combing the lands for a desirable build location only to find someone else is already there? Ever complete a build to great satisfaction and discover another player has popped in and begun construction on your front door?
Let’s face it, there are a lot of servers out there to chose from. Why, then, should you chose to join Duskfire? Our community is designed to be open, welcoming, fair, and above all else, enjoyable. Members never have to worry about their main base being raided, whether online or off, as we have a system in place to provide ample warning. Attackers must declare their intent 24hrs before their assault which gives the defending party ample opportunity to increase their defenses with more thralls, traps, and ready themselves to be online for the attack.
Should there be any violations of any rule, any members of server may band together to educate the offenders or enlist the assistance of an Admin.

Admin Abuse
At no time are our admins allowed to use their privileges except in the service of the community. The use of powers will be strictly monitored and enforced to ensure that there is no backlash from the community.

What are we looking for?
We are seeking players who are interested in building a community of like-minded, positive, entertainment. Negative gameplay will not be tolerated, no griefing or unsportsman-like conduct. We’re looking to grow a friendly and cooperative community and seek players who enjoy a challenge and working with others, both in combat and in exploration. Whether you’re into PvP or PvE, you have a place among us.

We strive for an all-inclusive community where players can get the experience that they’re expecting. To this end, Discord membership is a requirement so that players, as well as admins, can contact each other in order to meet their neighbors and coordinate efforts. This is especially important as the December update hides players during pvp times, which will always be active.
Players should be 18yrs or older to join our community as they may be subjected to mature content.

Some of What We Offer:

  • Regulated rules to promote a cooperative and healthy community.
  • Active, non-abusive, Admins.
  • Raid protection.
  • Don’t stress about death, deathloot is turned off.
  • Boosted Thrall leveling.
  • Hand-crafted Community builds, including Maprooms at every Obelisk.
  • Regular events coordinated by our admin team.

If your interest has been captured and you would like to know more, please join us on our Discord at: The Revenants of Duskfire where you can review our rules and meet the community.

You were just in Gates?

I’ll be assisting Vel with builds if/when she needs them, but I have no interest in participating further than that so long as people keep going PvE only. I’d actually like to PvP, ya know?

I understand, it gets a little tedious when all there is to do is PVE. Once you are done, what’s left?

I’m wondering, what does it mean by tactical gameplay? How challenging is you server?

My apologies for the late answer, and Thank you for your question.
When I say Tactical gameplay I simply mean that you would benefit from using strategy to enhance your experience, such as having a Thrall be your ‘Meat Shield’ and keep your enemies focused on them while you make use of healing arrows to keep them alive. This is a standard tactic. Create your own tactics, or usurp the ideas of others, and you’re sure to stay ahead of the challenge rating.
As for how challenging the server is- Player’s deal less damage than normal and enemies deal more damage. Conversely, followers have a higher tolerance for pain and an increased ability to harm enemies. The mortality rate is higher than usual, especially at lower levels when you aren’t as well equipped, but this is to encourage players to be strategic and plan their fights accordingly.

Of Note, I have increased the rates at which Thralls levels so that the increased hostility of the server is balanced by how easily players can level their followers. This is to make it less frustrating when thralls die to tactical errors or in the event you lose during pvp.
I hope this answers your question and I look forward to seeing you within the game if these settings aren’t too challenging for your liking.

The Duskfire server would like to announce the functional completion of it’s Gladitorial Colosseum!
We still have some decoration and alternate activities to install into the compound, however it is more than ready to accommodate events. We plan to host one such event in the near future that will pit teams of players against hosts of spawned enemies and even leveled thralls. Winning players will receive in-game rewards and be the first names to be displayed within the record books.
Players may also just tour the compound at any time as the doors will almost always be open, which means that you may also engage in friendly(or not-so-friendly) matches with other players.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thrall reset glitch potentially solved. Have tested numerous Thralls and all have retained their levels and perks for the past 24hrs.
That said, The Revenants of Duskfire are happy to announce that we are reinstating the New Year event and for the remainder of January all players will receive two free thralls at character creation! Steps to acquire two thralls of the Players Choice are to 1) Contact myself on PSN and Inform me that you are in-game, and I’ll meet you at the Welcome Center in G-3. {Edit: My PSN is the same as my Username within this forum “TodlicheVerwuste”} 2) Sign up to our Discord Server, the link is in the body of this Recruitment Post, and we can make arrangements to meet at our Welcome Center.

See you there, exiles!

After looking around and checking other servers, I gave this one a chance and am so glad I did. Probably the best leveling experience I’ve ever had. It only took a couple of hours to get to 30 so I could start building in T3 and all I did was level my free starter thrall. The admin community builds are beautiful! Everyone should at least give it a chance, this server is awesome!

We’re always looking for players

Rule change to raiding limitations.
In order to make the server friendlier towards PvP attackers are now allowed to announce their intent to assault, giving defenders 24hrs to increase their defenses to prepare for the attack. Should the defenders fail, they cannot be raided again for 7days.

We are always looking for new players to join our community. LF friendly and open-minded individuals with a desire to experience the fun of pvp rather than the stressful and loss-filled side.


A new month begins, and our New Years thrall giveaway has come to a close. During the month of February new members may receive a greater pet of their choice and 1 set of Flawless crafted armor.

We are always looking for new members.

Update: The month of march is a lucky one. During this month, members may participate in weekly PVP matches to be entered into the drawing for rare thralls that cannot be obtained normally through play!