DvD box Key dont working

Hello. I recentrly bought cased unopened dvd box with Age of Conan game and game key inside. But when i tried to redeem code it said > No offer found for given key

Check that you have typed it correctly

Please contact Customer Support for further assistance

These keys are still in use and its just mine issue or they are obsolete?

I don’t think they work anymore because some years ago the game time cards (which are still sold on the internet by 3rd party offers) stopped working as well (you had a code that you typed into the account site).
So yeah, hopefully you can still return the DVD and get your money back.

no i cant return cause i bought it from personal seller not from store. Not much cost tbh but…too bad that FC did such thing

Maybe not Funcoms fault. The guy you bought it maybe already used the key and sold it to you. I dont think it’s hard to make the box look like it’s unopened. Something like this happened to me with another game.

I don’t think the account page is accepting keys any longer.

It’s half broken as it is. Paypal don’t work … etc

Best bet is to just make a steam account.

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