Game mode: [ Online private ]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvP]
Region: [EU]

[2020.09.18-16.21.49:769][ 0]Network:Error: Code: Certificate path env var ‘DW_CERTIFICATE_PATH’ is not set
[2020.09.18-16.21.49:772][ 0]Network:Error: Code: KDS passphrase provider failed to initialize. KDS will at some point deny access unless the problem is fixed. Failure message: Error loading dedicated server provider id certificate: No certificate found with id #-1
[2020.09.18-16.21.49:772][ 0]Network:Error: Code: KDS passphrase failure: Server provider id certificate unavailable: 0x80092004

What does this error mean? For 16 days my server looks offline (although it says Game Server is running and reachable outside). Is this the issue?

Direct Connect

  • IP and Port:
  • Password:

Steam Connect

  • steam://connect/

Server Information

  • Name: [TR+EU] Onnukistan Conan World 7/24 No Lag Server Timed PVP
  • Code Version: 246072/26452 (Live branch)

Looks like it is not a common bug, no body replied. I am taking Conan server offline, will try again, if not remove it.

Hey there,

This issue was reported by a few people after Update 41 (Funcom Live Services). I hope it will get fixed for you soon :wink:

In the future, be sure to check for similar issues by using the search feature in the top right.

Server Launcher 1.2.5
Test port accessibility Game Client/Raw/SteamQ All Green.
I am using Server Launcher since the beginning and it auto updates with daily restart. May be after Update 41, this problem occured.
Thank you TheLOLxd2,

Keep an eye on the thread which I linked. It gets quite a few comments, so don’t lose yourself in it.


Got the same problem on my cloud server (win serv 2019 standard), checked all, firewall configured to access this ports
server can be found in list, but its ping 9999 and no one can enter

UPD: after Firewall was turned off server starts working fine. Even with this network error

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