DX10 : cannot start the game


I played months ago with dx10 and my rig didn’t change

since few days I’m back on the game but now, I cannot turn the dx10 setup. When I start the game, it goes minimized and won’t show anything… like a small black winfow

I tried to start in windowed mode, it shows only an empty white window

all my drivers are up to date

any idea ?

(i7 6700, 24Go RAM, gtx1080)

Hey there, Khan! I’m sorry to hear of the trouble. If your video card drivers are up to date then it’s also worth checking to see if your version of DirectX needs updating or reinstalling. If doing that doesn’t help then please open a ticket at help.funcom.com with Tech selected in the drop-down box above the message body so we can troubleshoot further.

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Alt + enter or shift +enter when you get the small black window?

It’s not working :wink:

as said, even if I try in windowed mode, it’s still empty/white

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