Dyers are pointless

Placing a named Alchemist into the Dyer’s Bench gives you the recipes for white and black dye (twice). Without the thrall however, you have those Recipes aswell.
Is this intended, not intended or am i overlooking something?


Wiki says YES.
So, yeah…

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Crafting speed only. But warpaints and dyes are 10 and 5 second to craft by default, so not a big deal, unless you want to mass-produce something.
Warpaints are not worth to craft, they provide no bonus since 3.0.


Now the greatest work they have is to produce brush for sorcery! I guess the greatest penalty in this bench is the size so it produces complains all the time. Tbh, I like it as a piece, it’s beautiful, but I always have a headache where to place it :joy:.
Thank you @rolee9309 for the tip about warpaints, I didn’t notice. It’s bittersweet news because I was so happy that all the vaults now give easily warpaints. Knowing that they are decorative now it’s the bitter part :confused:, but it’s ok, another thing for"later" I guess :wink:.

Ps, I love the crocodile tattoo on my Bella


Well that’s disappointing. I wouldn’t be bothered by this if they were permanent until death, but the fact that they still wear off is annoying


Not totally true.

We still use them. For Style


I always used them only for the bonuses, behind armor I wear they were not visible. :grin:

Yeah we used them too for the bonuses, despite their cost of 2 dragonpowder.

But now they removed the bonus and cost so they are cheap to make for stye. And thanks to transmog you can actually make use of that now- :wink:

I always paint up my thralls before i head out.

War party yeah!

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