Dying on Login - An update

I and others have experienced the phenomena of dying on login. This is not a huge problem until it is either because you logged out away from a spawn point, you’re carrying valuable items in a dangerous zone (Why did you put yourself in that position for the 3,298,328th time) or, as was my habit, the game takes a longish time to connect to your server so you log in and walk away, come back to find yourself naked and all your gear has despawned.


After a week of trying a new tactic, I believe I have identified the root cause.

Player model synchronization with placeable on connections. Basically, the stuff around your resolves in such a way to cause a false positive for fall damage to the player model as it resolves.

The solution is to never log out while on a placable that can be picked up. This includes your beautiful and luxurious bed, your bedroll, your fainting chair, etc. I suspect the issue is resolution of items that trips a fall damage incident when the player model and placable model resolve out of sync.

After a week of sleeping next to my bed, I have had zero deaths on connect. When I logged out on a placable, I would die on connect about 15% of the time.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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