Dying when kicked

Anyway when the servers crash or there is an update can you make it to where your not killed if your in the middle of battle.
I was in battle in a thrall camp when a update kicked me. When I logged back in I was dead in the desert. Can this please be fixed.

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That’s not a “bug” or something that needs fixing. You were on a server that keeps players bodies ingame when you logout.

It’s unfortunate you disconnected when in combat, but that’s just the way it is.

This issue needs to be addressed. Either make bodies disappear when disconnected or do something about stability. The game isn’t just disconnecting, it’s crashing you back out to the home screen on Xbox One. I’m from a large clan, so when we are raiding, someone is constantly getting “blackscreened” which leaves their body unconscious on the ground with their buddies now having to defend until they can get logged back in and hopefully the server isn’t 40/40. I’ve seen half our clan black screen at the same time, in the middle of PvP.

In AoC funcom used to send out messages on the server warning everyone that it was about to be taken down for a patch. It was a nice addition so you could cancel raids and dungeons etc before you go too involved in them and the server kicks you out mid boss fight.