Dynamic damage how does it work?

Hello everyone, I have a question, I don’t know how the dynamic damage is going to work, my partner and I will open the server as siptah comes out, I need to know how it works so as not to disturb the players who were going to move from an existing server to the new one, There is someone who understands how it works and can explain it to me. I would be very grateful.

I have explained my understanding here. I have not received any feedback so far that contradicts with my understanding of this feature:

Dynamic Damage - The building gets protected x amount of minutes (I think the value you need to enter is in seconds) after the last clan member logs off. Once a member logs in, they can be raided at any time.

Raid Time - overwrites the dynamic damage, during the raid window you can attack bases regardless whether they have members online or not.

Basically, if you activate them both, you have 24/7 raid time but outside of the raid window, you have offline protection.

Unless I am missing something here, there is no way to have raid time + offline protection during raid time with the dynamic damage system in its current implementation.


Thank you very much for your explanation we will do tests on the server I suppose we can cancel it completely, I am very grateful

Let me know if anything of what I said is wrong. There has been a lot of back and forth on this system and it is still experimental even in the PC version.


On the 27th I will be doing tests, I will inform you of what I am seeing I do not know how it will turn out on ps4

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