Dynamic option on death? What is it?

So I died while my pc crashed… (official server).

When I logged back on, it gave me the option of bedroll, bed, desert and dynamic? I didn’t click the dynamic button because I wasn’t sure what it did… what does the death dynamic button do?


Uh, not sure. Are you using any mods?

A pure guess: The position that is closer to the place of your death will be chosen.

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No mods as it is an official server I am playing on.

Good guess… I was even wondering if it was a crazy way to spawn back with my eq… maybe the button was a dev shadow?

Whoops. Missed that. I blame early morning phone reading.

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Are you in a dungeon? Robtheswede points to the “respawn in dungeon” option:

Is your native language english? If not, this button may be missing a translation.
PS: I recommend using https://deepl.com/translator

English. Died by the black hand ship… so no dungeon.

it happened again, so I grabbed a screenie this time.

One way to find out… push the button…

Life on earth is a one in a trillion chance, what have you to lose…

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I’m pretty sure Hellraiser starts this way. Curiosity/desire button pressing, puzzlebox opening…

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And their deepest darkest secret desires were granted…
Just push it!


Push it…
Whats a few hundred hooks going to hurt?

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