E10 HR - duo - completed! By STFU

Since we completed all the other E10 dungeons as a duo, we’ve been wondering for a while if HR was possible. For a while, it was not possible because of the 3 min enrage on Machine Tyrant, and HR4 boss would probably been a hard stop anyway before that. Anyway, we’ve finally decided to give it a shot, and ended up completing HR with some insane tactics!


I will update the thread with a compilation of builds used, even if you can see the majority of them already on the video.


Nice work you crazy people! :smiley:


Thanks! I’m afraid we kind of ran out of challenging content to do at this point though.

Gratz to you two. You really redefined endgame there.
You guys and Jimmy really make me look like a casual.

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Well done kitting at its finest