Early adopters rewards?

It has been quite a while and I’ve since forgotten.

Do those of us who have bought into the game early, gave bug feedback etc, get any type of reward at launch?

I think Conan’s royal armor.

That rings a bell, thank you :slight_smile:

They still haven’t clarified whether we get that armor on our first character made, or every single one. No fun wasting a one time gear on single player while waiting for an RP PVP server you want to stick with.

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I hope it’s a end-game craftable of equal power to the highest craftable but with a unique visual, or maybe just a cosmetic thing I can wear over my armor because I would hate it being useless or a single use item.

I also hope it’s available for all my characters because it would be really bad to be stuck to a server or character I don’t want to play anymore only because of the item.