Ears ringing after long mining sessions

I’ve come to a point where I have to turn off my sounds when I mine. The high pitched “ping” of the metal picks hitting rocks is really driving me crazy now. I’ve had mild tinnitus for 30 years, but it is really getting noticeable now after the mining here.

I don’t play with the sound turned up high. I never do. Am I the only one that is experiencing this?

My suggestion would be to drop the pitch quite a bit and make the sound more in the range of what you hear when the rocks crack and crumble. I don’t know if anyone from Funcom has ever taken a pick to rocks before, but I have and it is quite a bit different. The high pitched metal ping reverberation is much more like what you would hear from a sword fight clash. Picks are really heavy too. They need to be to bust through the rocks. Because of their thickness and weight, then just don’t make that sound.

Norway is full of rocks. Go buy a good pick and take a few swings and I promise you will understand.

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