Easier House remaking

It would be nice to be able to rebuild houses as I like. I’m still new to the game and having trouble staying alive in the player survival situation.

You will have to provide a bit more info than that please. Are you playing pvp, pve or ? What do you mean rebuild. ??

Pve and by rebuild I mean make the house bigger sir.

Check out YouTube, there are lots of examples of how to build large bases.

Here is one I found at random it’s just a moderate size, but it shows how to build.
Cimmerian Outpost

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Ok thanks.

I remember watching that Cimmerian Outpost vid, It’s a very nice one.

My personal favourite channel for CE building is this one - he has made several tutorial videos on building techniques, tips and tricks etc - plus I really enjoy all the historical and architectural information he piles into his videos :slight_smile:

There’s also this guy, who makes a bunch of speed build videos with some pretty nice mid-size buildings (I actually thought the Cimmerian Outpost droch-aon recommended was one of his, but it seems that was a different channel…)

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