Easier way to deploy thrall troops?

At this moment you can only have one single thrall following you at a time so, how do you get your thralls from your base to a siege encampment when you besiege another player’s base for example? How do you move people from point A to B in general? I cannot figure out any other way, other than moving them one at a time, which is just not tactically viable. Is there some other unexplained way to actually deploy your forces in the field?

Some other observations from after the update as well:

Farming still don’t produce seeds, no point in it if you have to go harvest the old-fashioned way anyway. Proper farming will really help to make up for oddities like having to travel to northern forests to get ingredients for making desert wine.

The durability setting still doesn’t affect tools, they degrade waaaaay too fast on default setting. I’m sure I made that pick out of steel and not cardboard…

Having a blast with the rest of the game though, pretty awesome all things considered.

It is best to not place, then move them. Just hold them in your inventory, go to the place you want to deploy them, then place, gear them after. The only down fall is they will need time to regen their HP. But thats the only way to deploy a lot of them quickly.

That’s the other way I considered in the meantime, even though it’s only a one-time solution. They’re a bit heavy to carry around but, I’m used to mining till I’m 10x over encumbered and then moving around using dodge. I’ll just don my Neymar outfit and roll along to the deployment location for now.

It is something the devs can look into though.

A momentum build would solve that.

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