Easy to get, decent froob weapons


You won’t regret it! (Your AO bank account will though :smiley: )


Okay thanks. I never got my MA past 100, but I used a lot of rhinoman gear.


they removed 3% base crit frfom everybody with the 18.0 rebalance (thats why agent and ma crit lines got buffed, and traders got crit added to their industrial sabotage line).


Wow thanks! Didn’t know about that :slight_smile: where do i get those nanos? are they in the shops?


industrial sabotage and corporate protection lines are buyable with victory points only from the ofab store, but you can get another player to buy them for you if you dont have vp.


Thanks, I’ll try!


Help! I’m having trouble crafting the mausser chem streamer which is really frustrating since I used to make low QL ones ( ql 100 or less) all the time. It has been about 4 or 5 years since I’d done any (real life issues BAH! Wasn’t a total AO desert but the gardens were few and far between.) Anyway, both my 220 mains and both paid traders have more then enough TS skills. The AOU guide was fine in the past. Anyone have any ideas?


make sure you arent using a typed mausser - be sure to get one that isn’t from icc shops but rather found in missions etc.

otherwise the order of items in the tradeskill is important. try using the tradeskill window, the AOU guide should still be correct.


^ This.

There are also at least three neutral shops in Borealis that sell non-000 Classic AO weapons. One is right next to Andre Bottle; all have a “Weapons” sign.

Of note, these shops also sell MA attacks.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.


I could not find the needed lvl mauser so I made one myself, then upgraded it to chemical. Everything according to oracle (ao-u).


Another place to find old weapons are the outdoor NPC weapons dealers. One stands on the south Junkyard road out the east gate after leaving Old Athens. The level 10 NPC sells a variety of 1-50 weapons. The stock can be refreshed by killing the NPC( the NPC instantly respawns).


Just out of curiosity, does the vendor sell any Joith guns? Some of those old school RK weapons with nano programs built into them do crop up in the Borealis shops, but I was wondering if that’s true for those vendors too.


I just don’t remember, sorry. I was looking to make a 2hb enfo with the old 000 weapons builds using engineer Heath construction kits and needed a bunch of black pete - black johns 1-50. I just wasn’t impressed and rerolled an ITD enfo. That build was fun. Same kinda applied to the 000 Biogun shotty on my then L130ish trader. Wasn’t very happy with that either. I went maw of the abyss which I didn’t really like. Finally found a QL233 turnspirit and made the shotgun. My crat used the 000 Aero Borealis Corona-fling / Mini Monster pistol combo which worked just fine.

That was all before the rebalance.


if you are talking about the BBI ranged restraint carbine (joith gun), that does not have a nanoprogram in it. It just says so in the description. the developers scrapped that idea when they couldn’t get it to work properly. Joith guns are ql1-20 and can be rolled in missions or found on dyna bosses.


Yeah, they don’t; I should have been clearer about them only stating that they have built-in programs. The reason I asked was because I keep thinking I have one, then when I’m trying to pull one out of whatever hat I have it in to show somebody one as a conversation piece to what devs had planned but couldn’t figure out, I find I don’t have one.

I didn’t know they were rollable! Gracias.