Easy to use World Editor Tool

Hello Funcom,

I love your game but unfortunately there is not much to discover after a few months. Luckily, I always love to start new and implement new building ideas. But unfortunately it is always the same map.

How about if you use us to make the game more interesting. With an easy to use tool like a World Editor? The best because they were extremely easy to use: Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 3.

I know and use the DevKit Tool but map extensions are more than a little awkward. :frowning:

Could you not create a stripped-down, much more accessible version of the DevKit tool?

Shortly… we need more space and more variety of the map. Although the original map is very nice.

thanks and a great chtismas time


in dev kit you can make your own map if you like there no limits on it… only by hardware… but yeah a lightweight map editor would be nice.


Do you realise how hard it is to make a proper map? Everyone can strew around some crystals on a symmetrical small PvP map. But building a world to explore is something different.


@ Chaonike 100% To actually ‘rebuild’ a map or do a custom build would take some serious computing power and render-time as I understand it.

In my case, I just use something like PIPPI to add/enhance areas more for our PvE server players. To go through the insanity of trying to factor in all the work FunCom wizards have to go through to get a biome together. Wow.

Look at many other world-play games out there. They get away by offering rubbish resolution and jaggy character movement. Conan Exiles keeps resolution, movement and combat high-res and, for me, slays most competition.

I do wish that more map biomes could be added, but understand that it is Huge work - server have to be able to handle the giant workload.

Have a look at the mods out there. Make sure they are updated regularly before using.
Pippi, Savage Steel, Calamitous, and the like.

Using Placeables or assets is not the same as a mapeditor. I like the idea of @Dragoonduneman of a lightweight mapeditor for modders. This would make mapedition for modders much easier

I remember playing games 15 years ago where I could design the geography of a map and fill it with all the assets available to dev, from a simple in-game editor. That was awesome.

There is indeed a difference between in-game editors and dev kits.

It is very nice from FUNCOM to grant Windows affectionados access to dev kits. I really like the idea. I’m not a PC gamer though and have no such plans pointing at the horizon.

Besides what could be modified with regards to the current dev kit, I think developing a UI to allow any player (all platforms) to create landscape and place assets would be a huge leverage of enthusiasm within the community.

It doesn’t involve the creation of new content, only to create an interface to existing functions. While I don’t like having to pay for DLCs, such in-game editor would create a new market from which FUNCOM could generate additional revenues with eventual DLCs.

Maximum gain for minimal effort; easy business opportunity! Food for thoughts…

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