Easy way of adding up mods size requirements?

Is there an easy way of calculating the total amount of space your mod list requires without going through manually in the work shop listings and adding up the listed sizes?

I’m just trying to get a more accurate number for how many gb my server will load. I have a rough ball park, but not having a better number is making me itchy & I’m dreading doing all manually.

Subscribe and check how big is ur workshop folder? The paks are identical

That would work great if I was only subscribed to the mods that I’m loading on the server. However, that’s not the case.

if you open your mod folder thru explorer, it doesnt show each ines file size? Not sure how they are named though. Might be the easiest way. Create a folder inside the mod folder and move all the ones you are wanting the info in. That folder will give you sum. Then move them back out and delete the new folder you created.

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