Echoes of Eternity RP | PVP 18 +

Marcus Aurelius wrote:

“What We do now Echoes in Eternity…”

Echoes of Eternity RP | PVP 18+

Our Mission As A Server <3

Our mission is to provide a place for creative freedom where one can feel safe to express themselves in Role Play. We aim to create an environment free from anxiety and stress where we desire to enhance storylines, as well as bring others together as a community.

Name of Server: Echoes of Eternity RP | PVP 18+

PVE or PVP?: PVE - Conflict

ERP Focused?: ERP is welcomed but not required.

Age Restrictions?: Must be 18+

Location of Server: NA | New York

Max capacity of server: 50

Discord Link:

Is RP done through text or voice?: Text-Based Only

Is the server pass worded or open or is there a whitelist?: Whitelist Required

Server Setting

XP rate: 3x
Gathering Rate: 3x

Day/Night Ratio: Longer Days, Long Nights
Hunger/Thirst settings: Non-existant to not interrupt role play scenes.

Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No

The Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: Balance of all time zones. EU and NA! <3

Mod List Link

Server Lore

Conan Lore with a few added elements to enhance the storylines for everyone.

Server Rules

Rules are Simple & Straight Forward. Nothing is too restrictive, though the rules that might come off as restrictive is to …

  1. Promote RP between those of the community
  2. Help prevent performance issues on the server.
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