Edge of Darkness


I am Excalibur an Admin of a new dedicated server so we have a ton of land to build on! We are a Roleplaying server! we have increased gather and extraction rates we are running 4 mods Pippi, Emberlight, Boob physics, and Sexiles in that order. We are a fair server and we do not impede our players roleplaying lives we are in the business of assisting them! If you would like to know more please join our discord!
Speaking in discord is not mandotory but reading the rules is! We only really require discord so that you can read our rules and be privy to announcements because we plan to hold events for our players i.e. festivals and what not! So please stop by our server and join us! we are a welcoming community and more than happy to assists any newer players if they have questions! Hope to see ya soon!

Server IP is
and because I can’t post a link the discord extension for the invite is: /QPZBvgH