EDIT: Bug Report list after 28/04 update

Bugs found on dedicated private server:

-Weapon Racks do not show weapons
-Character hair/wears physics still stopping work, mainly if you equip armor
-Transport NPCs still with tiny inventory independednt of tier.
-In harvesting the first hit of knife/pick doesn’t giving resources.
-Sometimes apear that im with a very larger quantity of itens than i realy have.
-Thralls still falling in limbo when you hit then with truncheon.
-Thrals not respawning if i put then in the wheel of pain
-Thrals still falling inside foundations.
-Thrals don’t kill enemies atacking my bases, unless if then or i’m be atacked
-Against Undead Dragon thrals be looking how beautifull he are and dont atack him, even if dragon hit then and then fly 30meters

I don’t know if you’re having this issue, but if I enslave a thrall, that particular spawning point will no longer respawn an npc. For example, there’s the T3 blacksmith and T3 smelter in the Den. If you enslave one of them, then they no longer respawn more blacksmith/smelters. Killing npc’s doesn’t block the respawn, but enslaving them does.

I’m playing on a dedicated server.


Pickaxes don’t seem to harvest any brimstone upon hit, whereas other tools do.

yes i noticed this one too

Weapon and Shield shelves still Show no Weapon ore Shield.

A Bug named “Here to build World blocked your spawn Point.”
Blocked when i will build a wooden shield (writable wooden signboard)

Weapon and shield shelves still have the bug that cant see the weapons or the shields. 2 updates later same bug.