Edited: Fix your game. Maybe sooner than later?

Still waiting for r2/l2 to be fixed… all i really care about, and maybe the stupid stutter that happens ever3-4 mins moving across map.

I havnt messed with online part in long time, under-mappers, trolls on my lawn, blocked areas…

If I could build, and rotate with out issues…i’d be happy with that.

Ya agreed. Funcom worked today (Sunday) on their day off to send out a testlive patch. Not even half a day later, and here come the bogus and childish claims that “Funcom doesn’t care.” You can be constructive and ask for improvements as is your right as a customer. But the personal attacks against the company and the developers are uncalled for and doesn’t help anybody.


I really hope this patch will do a big hit at bugs and don’t add new serious ones. It would be a good thing for the player base, the forums and for Funcom.

It dos NOT. Like i say before, ive tested on testlive nothing is fix. Useing knifs you can see thrue walls you can teleport with sword you can doop items, loading of base is just exterios walls inside the base you w8 3 min to load your station list go s on :slight_smile:

Hm so anyone who writes the truth about things that are real is actually just someone who attacks and is toxic? Interesting … Up in my comment there are 8 major errors that are the last time most discussed. If I’m toxic and I just came to attack, tell me which of these problems is 100% fixed because I can not see any shift for a long time. You are all talking about a new update, but we are still not out for download and we know very well from experience that each new update will bring 100 more new problems. I’m happy to add new things to the game, but I understand it, but if there’s a problem for a long time, I’m trying to focus on solving it and not adding new things to cover up everything that’s broken. It does not make sense to discuss it any more, I will see how long you will hold on to this deception and the players will believe it because many more players leave this game as if it were coming. Have a nice day :wink:

Throw in a peanut, chewing
Take your time. It has to work, not to satisfy a certain schedule. :sunglasses:

Please keep the conversation civil everyone. :slight_smile:

And there reality hit theory. People have often ask for some kind of estimation and release date. For instance, look the discussion above. Its like over 2 months now and people growing impatient of waiting any longer. So they started to guess. And the issue with a guess is, yes, that you might be mistake even IF you add a few extra days. Its not like rocket science to give themself some extra time but if its really ard to guess even that wont work. Estimate how long do you need to find bug XY? Good luck! Oh, there is another one poping up while internal testing, shi**. Now what? They started with a raw estimation, reduced it to a few weeks and then days. Until they arived at a date. Now tell us were exactly the error is?

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But Blizzard isn’t surviving; they’re dying. They just fired over 800 people.


Its a hard business for everyone, but for the gamer the least.

@Florin Its a game dude, just a game. Smoke weed or something.


@Florin: paraphrasing, the post we’ve been reading all weekend says “we’re targeting 3pm Oslo on Monday.” Targeting. My response when this was announced: “if I knew for sure it were really Monday I’d relax [this weekend].” :running_man:

Funcom posted a patch on Sunday that not only cleared up the “hitch,” it made all other incidental stutters demonstrably better. So much so I was forced to revert a server to Live because I couldn’t believe my eyes. That fix came from a player, which was reposted here by Multigun, who is also a player. This is how it works.

I would not call you toxic. Not even close. The problem is, I believe, that you often go one additional step beyond the error or glitch itself in order to ascribe a motive. That action can strip away at your objectivity, so that newer readers may not trust your observations. For instance:

A reader from the US would incorrectly take this statement as meaning Funcom is actively introducing problems to the game in order to mask long-term issues already present. I can’t imagine this being your actual viewpoint, considering the bugfixes that have come down lately.

I do appreciate your input from a multiplayer perspective. Let me just say this: the way buildings load is 1000 times better for the multiplayer environment. You can no longer stand on a distant savanna plain and see into my wheelhouse as it loads. On the other hand, head-peeking has gotten even more POV in this build, which is really disheartening. This in particular is one of the worst bugs in the game, and while I can’t make any suitable explanation for its existence, I do know why it’s there, and remain dogged in its permanent termination. Do keep on. :smiley:

To be honest, both Blizzard and CD Projekt Red receive a lot of flak for their roundabout scheduling, too. It’s really a lose-lose-lose situation for any publisher: either they give a deadline, and miss it, and players are upset; or they don’t give a deadline, and players are upset for their apparent lack of communication; or they give a schedule and release an unfinished product on that date, and players are upset because they were looking forward to awesome and got served a box of traditional Finnish Easter dessert instead.


Hi everyone,

As many of you have pointed out, there is two ways to go about communication when it comes to patching:

We could refuse to give even estimates and just go with the “it’s ready when it’s ready” - approach. While some of you might prefer this, others will not be happy and blame us for non existing or bad communication.

Our current approach is to be completely honest with you and share information as we get it. There is an obvious downside to this: if something gets delayed, we have to own up to it and we are. As I said before, we are only human, we try to make a good game and we try to work with you as much as we can.

It’s unfortunate if delays happen and I certainly won’t try to excuse them. All we can do is keep being transparent and improving on all aspects that involves communication back and forth. We do hope you see the benefit of the approach we have chosen :slight_smile:


I have only been playing Exiles for ~ 6 months now. I have seen fixes to most of the major problems I have encountered. So, for me FUNCOM is doing just fine fixing bugs. I have not experienced many of the problems others seem to be having, so I can not fairly comment to those problems. Also when I play single player most bugs seem to vanish. I recently (in the last few days) began to experience a (new to me) bug of the game crashing to desk top, when accessing inventory. When this happens the game continues to crash until the body is gone. For me this a major bug, but all things considered I see FUNCOM the serious issues ( that i have experienced) so I am quite happy with the work they are doing.

The fact that someone listens to what players are saying does not mean they are trying to do everything to make them happy. This game is played by 5,000 active players, 100 players are here in this forum and 90% of them say that everything is ok. So, on the basis of these 100 players, is everything realistic as they say, and whoever comes with a negative opinion and disagrees is bad? Who asked the players who did not follow the forum? What I wrote above was not to be toxic or abusive, in the first place we are here to discuss and if someone can not accept a negative opinion, I really do not know what a man is looking for. This game is great, we know it all and that’s why it’s incomprehensible why they just do not want to fix it. And the fact that they do not want to fix them is probably true because 1 year is a long time to find a solution

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There are two different matters here:

  1. Your opinions. They’re valid. You have the right to voice your opinion, even if it’s negative - heck, especially if it’s negative, because that’s how Funcom learns what’s broken or not working as intended or just not the way players would like it to be. Please do not feel like we don’t respect your opinions.

  2. Your tone. Now, expressing tone in writing is difficult even for a professional like me. The way you express yourself, the phrases you use, your choice of words - that’s what comes up as aggressive. That’s what makes some people interpret you as “toxic” or hostile.

I’m sure we all want the same thing: a better Conan Exiles for everyone to enjoy. Those who like the game the way it is would still wish it to be better. Those who don’t like it the way it is want it to be better. And the creators of the game want it to be better. To think otherwise would be illogical. No game designer that I know of is a moustache-twirling cartoon villain who wants to see their customers suffer - of course they want to make the game as good as they can. A better game means happier players, and happier players means more players, which in turn brings in more money.

Telling them to “fix it sooner” is not going to help much, is it? They have absolutely no logical reason not to work as fast as they can already.

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English is not my natural language, maybe thats the problem and maybe this is reason why you have a problem to understrand what i am saying. Doesnt matter, we will see tomorrow because everyone is talking about upcoming update and expecting fix for every problem here in last time. We will talk tomorrow when it will be only update with another milion problems

Nobody is saying everything is perfect, and that the upcoming patch is going to fix everything (it isn’t, and Funcom has said repeatedly that exploit fixes are coming in a separate patch). Just about everyone agrees and appreciates all of the bug reports you personally have brought up. Nobody is trying to hide the fact those bugs and exploits exist.

Your comments that Funcom doesn’t care about the game and that they are purposely avoiding fixing it, are toxic and false. Your continued attacks against the community and claiming things that are untrue, are toxic and false.

You can freely choose to be productive and make bug reports, you can freely constructively criticize the time it takes to fix those bugs. You can keep the dialogue open as long as you want.

But if you want to helpfully contribute, you need to evaluate your decisions on how you frame your posts. Are your continued personal attacks against the developers who work extremely late into the night and work on Sundays when they don’t need to, and your continued attempt at spreading lies in order to sell your argument, at all helpful in any way? Or is it actually creating a hostile environment in an unproductive way.


I think the problem is not the delay. It is the way funcome chose to put it out. When you have 1000 comains and you are not shore you do annouce a delay upate that will be at … you announce that it will come. This confuse the players that waith for over 2 months for a fix. Acting like all is ok and making twich videos saying that our game is the beste and look what we have new for you when all community qq about performance and exploits feels like we are idiots. Like some one say on this forum we are not mindles thrals. Players offer back the same respect as developer shows and lets be honeste 2019 funcom show us the midell figer with evrey fix they made (nothing that we ask was done)
Here is the problem this makes players to become toxic.

As im awere all this rage start from december update when the game got realy bad a d no actio was done till present day.

regarding your suggestion of giving a longer time estimate than required and releasing early…
You said that people are less likely to be angry if they over-estimate how long it will take and it goes out early…
Well on this I disagree … releasing earlier than the stated time can cause a lot of issues and anger.
For example:

  • mod authors who plan to put time into updating their mods in the hours after the patch is released …they may make plans for the days prior and not be able to get time to update on the spur of the moment.
  • server owners who want to do back ups before the patch is released won’t be able to if it drops suddenly beforehand
  • server owners / admins who plan events for their servers being disrupted by an early patch
  • single/co-op players who don’t get a chance to make a backup save of their game

Basically I feel Funcom is in a no-win situation with this … communicate their best estimate and get criticised for not keeping to it … decide to be vague and not give a specific time and get criticised for keeping players “in the dark” on their schedule.

This patch is big and impacts a number of critical game play mechanics. If they know there are still game breaking issues with it then I desire they do a delay to fix those known issues before pushing to live as I play on an official PvE server and there is no Admin to help me recover if the patch breaks stuff and unlikely to get a server roll-back either if it devastating.