Edited: Fix your game. Maybe sooner than later?

Why is it everytime I log in, some of the stuff I had built the day before is gone? Why can’t I rotate pieces even though there is an option for it? Why is there a server stutter about every 20 seconds? Why is it when you die, due to the stutter, your corpse with all your stuff disappears? Why do you fall through the world? Maybe the devs should address these issues before making anymore overpriced cosmetic dlcs? PVE server 2503 Xbox

Edit: So I looked at the event log after someone suggested. It says my stuff is decaying…after 12 hours or so of building it? Then what the point of playing this game if your stuff decays after 12 hours?


A few months ago I asked how many years it would take a Funcom to fix bugs. For example, naked Purge has been “fixed” for 9 months - while there is no result. I myself have been a programmer with more than 25 years of experience - I just don’t understand why they haven’t found time to fix this bug in dozens of patches. After all, everything is simple - if the NPC is naked, it means either they have no armor assigned (an error in the table of objects) or the module that creates objects according to this table simply does not work. What is the problem? Why 9 months, no one fixes it, and only the Community Managers here reassure us that Funcom cares about the players. Not! As we see - Funcom does not care about the players, because we have already paid our money.


These are good questions, especially since I personally do not have any of these. Yes sometimes there is lag but it is not always the game causing it. Sometimes it’s the ISP causing it. I’ve never had my corpse disapear no have I falled through the world. Maybe these are xbox issues?

@Valzkyrie Unless you live in a hole and have not turned the game on since the first day it went into early access then your baseless accusations are just ignorant beyond believe. They have fixed MANY things and continue to do so.

Wasn’t either of these things. But good try anyways. As a programmer, you should know everything isn’t always simple.

I mean, if you want to completely ignore what’s on testlive…

3D Artists are not coders. Game development has specializations in the different jobs that people do and have skills for, and 3D art and C++ code do not cross over what so ever. The existing DLC’s do not require coders to tackle either.

This bug? It’s being worked on and they are hoping to have a fix for it soon.

What does your event log say? Unfortunately, the very limited information you provided here won’t be helpful to the developer team. If you would like to see a bug fixed, post a bug report with as much information that you can.

A few causes, but it’s high on Funcom’s list of things they are working on trying to improve.

This has been a persistent bug for a while with multiple causes. Funcom I think is re-approaching this one though to stamp it out for good as Ignasis posted recently they are working on a very specific solution for it.

Other then all of that, there is a huge patch currently being finalized. It should be here at the end of the week, or sometime next week (PC platform), pending any further setbacks. Consoles will receive their own huge patch after the patch is finalized and is sent off to Microsoft and Sony for certification.

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Good point Shad, when I was learning cobol, I created a simple sorting program that was half a page, everyone else’s code was at least 2 pages, still mine was much faster… (

But i’d Never ever claim that coding something as complex as Conan, or any game for that matter is simple and could be done in no time… heck, my first programming gig we’d push out the code faster than the test team could test the app by weeks…
Sometimes they’d come back with, solid program mate, but could you just add x. It’s gotta be easy right?
Knowing that adding x would mean either breaking a b and c or require a complete rewrite, we’d just say no…

I’m sure in the days of the C64 there were bugged games, but 99% of the time the games were solid, yes even the bad ones…
The difference is comparing bug removal in a 64k game to a 6 gig game is like trying to find spelling errors on a shopping list or the encyclopaedia britanica.

Database processing, client-server and the like - in fact, it is the section in which the problem seems to be.

Testlive? Ok, one simple question - why is the patch fixing this, NOW on the testlive, and not 9 months ago, when this problem was already present? How many patches have been since? Not even considering cosmetic DLC?
I do not take into account other critical bugs, such as the inability to pick up things from a dead body - there is a network code that is difficult to diagnose, because the client may have an unstable network connection that the developer did not rely on.
I do not take into account the bugs caused by the game engine - if the engine is purchased and not created independently, then it may simply not have the necessary functions, and the search for errors in someone else’s code is generally the worst that can be. I take into account the simplest task - spawn NPC.
if the NPC does not have clothes, it means that they were not put into his pocket at the time of his creation. This is not some kind of error that occurs unknown under what conditions. This is an error that occurs during the operation of a well-defined piece of code - a procedure that is responsible for spawn NPC. Moreover, the server does not need any data from the client, that is, it does not depend on the quality of the player’s connection - this is a purely server part of the working code that does not function as it should.


can you all stop defending this Funcom and get real for a second. In 2 years we spend 70 Euro on this game and we have huge performance m bug and exploits, every new Hot fix bring back more bugs. All DLC are bug (first DLC they release is still bug after 1 year or more)
i like this game but if you do not stop making excuses for them this game will die. It is not our problem they do not have the number of ppl to work is not our problem that they canot fix it. Our problem was to have money on account when we BUY the product. They do not do us a favor with game we did them a favor that we pick them from 1000 games. This is what you must understand. We did them a favor that we buy this product.


You guys complaining are right. I mean, just look at Bethesda. They released a similar style game, using the same engine they built their last two games in. Neither of those games had any bugs, if I recall. And this new game, FO76 happened to have some issues at launch. But in the months since then, with the massive development might of a AAA developer, Bethesda has managed to stomp all the bugs out and deliver a perfect product that everyone loves.

Oh, wait, that’s not right. Their game doesn’t work at all. Funcom is doing a much better job than most people are willing to give them credit for.

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I… wha… there’s a reason they’re somewhat affectionately, somewhat disparagingly known as “Bugthesda”.


The whole post was meant to be sarcastic. I’m not just wearing a bucket over my head.


Yeah my sarcasm detector must be off. Better get it fixed, can’t be a proper geek without a working sarcasm detector. The sarcasm dispenser is built-in and so far has proven completely unbreakable.

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…And I have undressed a thrall only to find that clothes appear on him/her at a later time. Only, they’re not actual clothes - he/she still doesn’t have any worn items, but clothes are still shown on his/her person.

Personally, I find the “naked Purge” to be a feature rather than a bug. It’s kinda hilarious when “desperate Exiles” or “degenerate Lemurians” show up looking kinda desperate for some pants, or degenerate enough so as not to wear any. But a ticket to a merry-go-round and some pants make them my friends forever.

I appreciate your lengthy response to that user, however, it is certainly a “faux pas” of sorts to continuously push cosmetic DLC while noticeable issues go without patching for months on end. And I say this as someone who buys and loves the DLC. People paid for a functioning game, not the promise of a functioning game. I don’t know that there’s a perfect solution for this scenario, but I can certainly understand the frustration of others in this regard, and would never suggest it’s not a valid complaint.


Fair argument to make. From somebody who doesn’t have any knowledge of the gaming industry, it would certainly come off as a “faux pas.” I don’t agree with it though, I understand the argument, but I don’t agree with it. Here’s why.

My perspective comes from the developers side. I admit, I get my feathers ruffled (more then I should) whenever I see comments like this, or similar. 3D artists are the most vulnerable in the game development world, it’s very hard to get and maintain a job as a 3D artist in a game development studio. Large corporations (Activision, EA, Rockstar) are infamous for hiring hundreds of 3D artists as contract workers, and then fire them all once their work is done.

The DLC’s that Funcom offers keeps their artists on the payroll. As they should, the art they have done for Conan Exiles (and Age of Conan too in the past) is very high quality, great stuff. Considering Funcom’s overal health in their finances, and considering the talent they have on staff, I’m sure they would find other work for them at this point if DLC’s weren’t an option. Or maybe they wouldn’t, I don’t know I’m not part of the suits making those decisions, but I do know how game development works. It was a major part of my studies before I graduated.

I’ve seen people dozens of times (on Conan Exiles various forum boards) demand that Funcom straight up fire the 3D artists in order to “hire more coders”. Which is just so ugly to read. Then you have people who think that what the DLC’s offer is “overpriced” or easy to make. The DLC prices are the equivalent to a couple cups of coffee at your local Starbucks (and take all of 5 minutes to make), yet take hundreds of hours in order to create (and tens of thousands of hours for the artists to master their craft to begin with).

Anyways, that’s where the angle of my argument comes from. The development and human side. What I need to do is do a better job of educating, rather then getting upset every other day that I see comments like this. With Blizzard/Activision pulling the latest long line of inhuman acts in the game development working world (by firing nearly 800 people in order for award bonuses to the top brass despite record breaking profits), this is yet again at the forefront of my mind and it’s important that people understand (at least to me) where their dollars are going towards.

And assuming that I don’t have “any” knowledge of the gaming industry is a faux pas unto itself. I have read similar comments from you in the past, and similar comments from other people discussing similar developments with other games.

Everything you said? None of it is news to me. I knew all of it. I have read the same “knowledge” before. This is hardly a revolutionary conversation we are having. This discourse occurs quite often in gaming land. And I am not suggesting anyone be fired.

However, I do think it would be wise for the Exiles team to fix problems that have been around for over 8 months before releasing a new DLC package, because of the perception that it gives. Not the reality, but the perception. That is where the faux pas comes from (perception is reality, and all that), and no amount of “knowledge of the industry” is going to change that.

It still rains indoors. Multiple DLC packages providing different, varying types of ceiling tiles, and none of them can keep the rain out. Speaking only for myself here, when I complain about this sort of thing, I’m not complaining about the DLC coming out - I will happily purchase it. I’m complaining about the fixes not being implemented almost a year into my experience, despite consistently funding the continued development of the game.


It’s actually not just the servers stuttering. That very same stuttering occurs on single player as well and has since early access. I’ve told Funcom about this and many other issues until I was blue in the face.
I think at this point it’s pretty obvious as has been said here; they could care less…they have our money.
And I’m not holding my breath over this newest Testlive patch. These patches are creating the “boy that cried wolf” syndrome. No one is going to believe there’s solid fixes coming until they actually see them.
Also as has been already said and I completely agree with, Funcom’s first and foremost priority from day one should have been to get the base game running smoothly.

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It’s also voted the number 1 thing on Trello right now too (has been for a while). The reality is this is a very complicated thing to fix (and not “oh well just use the shelter system” kind of fix people have suggseted). If it was something that could be easily addressed, it would have been by now. Funcom isn’t ignoring the request, they’ve heard the playerbase loud and clear on this one. VOIP changes that are coming are yet more evidence Funcom is listening.

But because the rain issue not being fixed mean the hundreds and hundreds of fixes since May 8th not count? I get it, that one particular important fix for you hasn’t been addressed in a nearly a year that you have been playing (though it’s been commented on plenty). If you step back and see the bigger picture though, I would argue that your dollars and other peoples dollars ARE going into the continued development of the game. Evidence of that is sitting on testlive right now, along with the dozens of patches since the first DLC came out in late June.

Not for some, no. You can provide facts, education, or knowledge until you burst, and some will still believe the sky is pink on a clear blue sky day. People are going to believe what they want to, or perceive what they want to. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to bother trying (though the thought has crossed my mind to give up on posting, more then once).

That wasn’t what I meant (it was apparent to me that everything I said you already knew about), though I completely can see how I came off that way. I am really sorry about that.


Let me explain something to you. The problem is not the price of DLC or their quality. The problem is that every patch with DLC can destroy the results of hundreds of hours of play. And so it was. My brother and I spent 200 hours of time building the castle. Then comes a patch with cosmetic DLC, which we did not ask for and which we didn’t even know and did not think about - and 2/3 of our castle was destroyed. Do you understand me? If they can not fix a bug that has been present for 9 months - let them at least stop releasing patches for which this bug appears and destroys the work of the players. And yes, given the cost of T3 buildings, this is no longer a game, it is hard and tedious work. And another problem - the player can not refuse to install the patch, even on a private or local server. We were not given the opportunity to stay on any relatively stable build, when bugs are known and we know how to avoid them. And each new patch adds new problems and helps to trigger old ones.


Perception is a subject I often talk about, and I completely agree with you about its impact on customers.


Funcom needs money to pay the people who work on bug fixing. DLC content brings in money, and a lot of the work that goes into the DLCs is done by other people than the bug-hunters. Now, not knowing the exact profit margins Funcom makes this may be smart business (if the DLCs bring in more money than it requires to hire DLC makers and bug-hunters) or poor business (if the DLCs bring in less money than is needed for the aforementioned), but the basic idea behind releasing new content even though they’ve not managed to fix all old content is sound, and practised by many gaming companies.

Some bugs are harder to fix and take a surprising amount of resources to squash. Sometimes it may take months, even years, to fix even critical errors. Conan Exiles, fun though it is, is still just a game. No-one’s life is going to be ruined if it breaks a little. Yet we’re still paying Microsoft for their Windows, even though it took them… I don’t know, a decade and a half? to fix a backdoor that has existed since Windows XP that let anyone with physical access to your computer to change your admin password. (I’m not convinced that it’s still really fixed, either. I just haven’t had the time and a suitable computer to try to break in after the fix. And before you call the cops, I work in tech support, not for a Soviet espionage organization.)

We, the players, even though some of us have consideable experience in programming or the gaming industry, never really see the big picture of a gaming company. We may think their strategy is wrong because they don’t fix one thing before some other thing. We may accidentally be right, too. But we don’t really know why they make the decisions they make, why they prioritize things in a way that doesn’t seem to make sense. It comes back to perception. For us, it seems the company is making a mistake, so it becomes the truth for us. No company can be transparent enough for us to see the whole picture; their explanations will never be sufficient to alter our perception of our subjective truths.

Or maybe they actually are as incompetent as we perceive them to be. It’s entirely possible. But I like to give them the benefit of the doubt because I know I don’t see the big picture, that my perception is limited.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the majority of people perceive their perception.

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