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relax, we all knew this was coming. itr is the nature of software,.

see it like: another day(s) of easy mode, go stock something, while we all wait for the beam of light coming to the live branch.


Hope this is your last message then.


"We made an active decision to not be vague with our estimates”
…goes on to be vague about an estimate…

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Lol, this stuff happens. Patches are never set in stone, it sucks but it’s very, very far from the end of the world


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…


Man am I ticked off with Funcom…
I got home yesterday, was itching to play Conan, but I had to wait for this update to download… seriously?
When will they release a patch, that turns on my Xbox and uploads the patch while i’m at work… :roll_eyes::crazy_face::sunglasses:


So another update. I put over 800 fish in thrall pots and constructed roughly 175 building pieces about 14 hours ago. I log in and it’s all gone. The log thing says it all decayed. The core of this game is broken and making it so there is no point of playing anymore. I feel like I have been robbed. Yes, it takes time to fix things, but, the game has been out for quite some.time. I paid $40 U.S. and FREE games run better than this.


no sir ,. someting is broken with your game. noone is having those issues. so it has to be you.

you play modded right?


I thought the log clears itself once you log off… I could be wrong…

Hmm… definitely something fishy going on…

Oh yeah, uhh as Douglas Adams said, “so long, and thanks for all the fish”


Get a solar panel on your roof and you don’t have to worry about leaving things turned on :smiley: (yes I got the sarcasm, my detector is working again… I think!)


Lol… sadly I live in the second floor of an 11 floor building… and yet I’m thinking you know your answer won’t fix stuff…

Where would we be without sarcasm… lowest form of wit, but it’s like fireworks… you f up and limbs are lost, you do well and uhm well uhm, I did have a point, but I just shaved my head.


I don’t play with mods. I didn’t think you could on console.


oh sorry about that i just noticed the Xbox tag on it.

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