Efficient Butchery Doesn't Work on Imps

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 95136/17701
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

The Efficient Butchery trait does not work on regular imps. It grants bonus hides from volatile imps but not extra volatile glands.

It also doesn’t work on shaleback hatchlings and probably some other creatures.

Repro steps:

  1. Kill an imp.
  2. Butcher it.
  3. Or skin it.

I think that’s “as intended”. Volatile glands are a secondary resource, and thus are immune to gathering multipliers.

That part, perhaps. But the trait is still not working as expected in regards to the other things I mentioned.