Either Remove Authority and Expertise or make them unlockable through fragments

This game is not world of tanks where someone with a pimped out crew that costs a lot of time has a huge advantage.

Here someone who just plays for PVP and finished building already, just runs during pvp hours with a 0 authority and 0 expertise build.

They have a massive advantage over someone who has not finished their base yet and actually needs to do other stuff apart from RPK, who can’t run a similar build for practical reasons.

Although i’m a vet, i usually have a thousands things to do that occupy my mind. So i can rarely run with a pvp build. Someone else who has a more basic brain, just understands, eat, drink, sex, play and crap, can run a full pvp build and not have to spam bestial memory potions each day, which are difficult to unlock on siptah.

It would be stupid for me to remove authority which i find beneficial 99% of the time, for a better pvp build, just for the rare encounter, of meeting someone who just bought account and has no interest in anything other than streaming and pvp.

So what I’m saying is, make authority cost nothing or make it achievment. Don’t make it a gimp suit for regular players to give smoothbrain, have axe will travel types an unfair advantage in a fight.

Or make it so I can switch between farming and pvp in the hotbar rather than ball breaking potions

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