El Generator & Boss bugged - Not fixed

I am in the “Lair Of The Horned Devil”, I killed all the enemies, however the main robot boss never activated and I can’t loot “El Generator”. El Generator is highlighted it white light and the purple glowing stuff is floating off the top but that’s it.

Previously there has being posts about this bug being fixed but this is not the case for me. Is there anything I can do to fix?

Same for me.

Same here. There’s another thread about this bug, it’s been reported 3 monts ago and there’s still no patch to fix it…

I’ll remind the devs about this bug. Thank you for the report :slight_smile: Please let me know on which platform this bug is happening for you guys.

There is still a bug with this I’m on PC.
My game crashed right before this happened after i beat the fight the first time and i sent a bug report for that command.

I have a screenshot of it on my steam page yoiu can’t share links so go to the following without spaces.
steamcommunity .com / sharedfiles / filedetails /? id=1746312714

July 29th and still this bug persists. I already cleared all the enemies, activated the Mimir (but cannot target it) and the generator cannot be picked up, can only press Hide when I approach it.

For PC

Please fix this!

Hello @Mjuke, welcome to the forums!

The team is aware of the issue and it should be fixed in the upcoming update!