Eldarium armour recipe changed light set to medium

So yesterday I managed to get the recipe for Night Stalker armour from the delving bench using my Zamorian thief set. The Zamorian set is light however on looking to craft the eldarium version it requires medium linings. I haven’t bothered making it because if the set is medium I don’t want it anyway. Does anyone know if this is intentional?

Update: It definitely crafts as a medium set not a light set

I haven’t messed around with the Delving bench too much, I’m too strapped for resources right now to start chucking them for better recipes, but I don’t think it should be changing armor class to what you put in.

I think this is a bug. Don’t think it’s intended.

Yeah I think it is a bug too, the boys put in heavy armour sets and got heavy armour recipes. The ones they made looked like the originals so I’m not sure why they changed the Zamorian to pirate pants and boots. Guess I just won’t be running around in legendary armour lol

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